Fringe on the Streets

2018 Fringe on the Streets

From musicians to magicians and circus acts to caricatures, the goal of Fringe on the Streets is to fill Fringe's Over-the-Rhine home turf with as much artistry as the sidewalks can handle. Official Festival buskers get some sweet swag from us (along with 100% of any tips they rake in, of course) and a select few performers will be chosen for some headlining performances in the ARTing Lot adjacent to Know Theatre (Fringe HQ).

NOTE: There is no guarantee of any tech assistance or availability of power for Fringe on the Streets programming. All public performance must avoid disrupting street and sidewalk traffic.

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The next steps for Fringe on the Streets won't occur until March 2018, so aside from an email confirmation for this submission you might not hear from us...but we've got you on file and will be in touch when the time arrives. Best of luck until then!

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