Alongside Cincy Fringe's Primary Lineup of 40+ productions, we also offer a handful of limited engagement productions. Among these are our FringeDevelopment programs. Capitalizing on the critical mass of creativity present during the Festival, our Development program serves two distinct purposes:

  1. Master Classes. There's so much to share at Fringe, so we enlist participating artists to lead a variety of free classes for both artists and the general public. Who knows what knowledge or skill set you might walk away with!
  2. Workshop Productions. Fringe is a popular place for premiering shows and FringeDevelopment takes that a step further. Participating productions will rehearse a brand new work over the course of the Festival and present it in a one-night-only offering towards the end of Fringe. 

While we typically select Master Class leaders and Workshop Productions from our general pool of applicants, we LOVE it when any artist/group comes to us with an idea specifically for FringeDevelopment! If you're interested please fill out the short form below and you'll be contacted with more information. 

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