So, you want to apply for 2018’s 15th Annual Cincy Fringe, eh?  WELL, THAT’S AWESOME. There are numerous ways to apply to be involved:

1. Primary Lineup
The backbone of Cincy Fringe, our Primary Lineup features ticketed live performances occurring in a dozen venues across the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Theatre, Solo Performance, Dance, Musicals…if it’s done on a stage in front of an audience, you can apply with it! Before applying to the Primary Lineup, the 2018 Handbook is a required piece of reading.

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2. Fringe Next
Part of our Primary Lineup, we reserve 3-4 slots each year for productions entirely created and executed by local high school-aged artists. You can find more info about Fringe Next in the 2018 Handbook.

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3. Visual Fringe
Fringe is about celebrating ALL artistic endeavors, so Visual Fringe exists to display projects, galleries, and installations from local visual artists. There’s no shortage of the unique inclusions we’ve had over the years, so let your imagination set no limits! Even if you’re just a visual artist looking to be involved in a project, let us know!

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4. Fringe on the Streets
This public performance component of the festival was created to try and fill as much of our Over-the-Rhine home as possible with artistry over the 13 days of Fringe. From musicians to magicians and circus acts to caricatures, if you wanna hit the pavement and snag some tip money as an official Fringe busker, sign on up!

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5. Special Events/Other
Nothing above seems to fit what you’d like to do? Surprise us and maybe we’ll find a way to include it in Fringe anyway!

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If you have any time sensitive questions regarding Cincy Fringe,

feel free to contact Producer Chris Wesselman at

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