Fringe Next Application


Thanks for applying to the 2019 Fringe Next Series! Please read the following carefully and fulfill requirements to the best of your ability.

Section One: Applicant Info

This is the individual who will be the SOLE correspondent with the Festival.
98.6% of communication is via email, so make sure this is address is correct.
Just in case there's something SUPER time sensitive.

You MUST have an Advisor of 21 years of age or older.
Double check that address!
In case it's time sensitive and we can't get a hold of the Primary Contact.

Feel free to name drop. Maybe we'll buy them a drink!

Section Two: Production Info

Even if it's just your working title.
Who the show would be billed as "presented by."
Where the Producing Group/Company/Artist would be listed as "from."
Shows don't have to be presented BY the school, we're just curious.
Select the option that best applies to your production. You MUST choose one of these.
Please provide up to THREE tags to help further categorize your show. Entirely your call!

A quick pitch of your production.
Your full show description.

MUST be between 45 and 60 minutes.
Provide a single count of all participants (cast, crew, etc) involved.

Section Three: Samples & Materials

As detailed in the 2019 Handbook, the type of show you are applying with determines what samples & materials you are REQUIRED to submit. Please check those requirement one last time using following lists and then submit ALL samples and materials below in the appropriate fields.


for Scripted Productions
-Up to 10 pages of a script sample from the production

for We'll-Eventually-Have-A-Script-But-Don't-Yet's (Devised work, etc)
-Up to 10 pages detailing, outlining, or otherwise reviewing the process, intention, and goals of the production being submitted

for Musicals
-Up to 10 pages of a script sample from the production
-Link(s) for no fewer than THREE songs from the production

for Unscripted Productions (Dance, Improv, etc)
-Up to 10 minutes of video from this or another recent production


Full Script
Jurors aren't required to read full scripts, only sample pages, but it never hurts to have it on hand if they want to dig deeper!

Share any and all pertinent media coverage of your production or group.

Additional Materials
Whether by link or upload, share with us anything else you think might be helpful (e.g. Production photos, media kits, etc).

Production History
When and where your group has performed before, with any show.


REQUIRED for Scripted Productions and Musicals. MUST be in PDF format.
REQUIRED if your production will ultimately have a script. MUST be in PDF format.

Musicals are REQUIRED to submit NO FEWER than THREE sample songs via online steaming (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc)

Dance/Physical Theatre productions without scripts are REQUIRED to submit up to 10 minutes of video via online steaming (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

MUST be in PDF format.

Feel free to provide links to any media coverage your production has received.

Anything else you'd like to share with us?
Feel free to provide links to any media coverage your production has received.

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

When and where have you performed before? Format: Title. Festival/Theatre, Year.

Section Four: The Proposal

Use the button below to upload your ~1,000 word document that explains why you think your show belongs in Cincy Fringe, based on the prompts covered in the Handbook.

MUST be in PDF format.

Section Five: Technical Elements

You are not guaranteed to be placed in any of these spaces, should you be accepted.
You are not guaranteed a playing space of these sizes, should you be accepted.

NOTE: If you select No or Unsure, you may be unable to add this content to your production as not all venues can be outfitted for projections/video.

Section Six: Availability

We know it can be tough this early on to predict the exact dates you'd be available, but we need to know at least how many days overall you intend to be here, along with your Venue Capacity preferences, as those factors determine what your maximum number of performances would be (between 5 and 8). Please answer the following questions as best as possible.

*As detailed in the Handbook, regular Primary Lineup performances will occur between 6/1/19 and 6/14/18 (excluding Mondays). These 12 days comprise your Performance Window and are the only days that factor into determining your performance maximum.
NOTE: You will have an opportunity to update this information, if accepted.

Section Seven: It's Your Fringe!

Help us mold this year's Festival by throwing out some programming ideas!

Master Classes

During the Festival we give artists a chance to share their skill sets with other artists as well as the general public. Do you have an area of expertise or interest you'd like to teach a Master Class on? Feel free to be as descriptive as possible below! Please also detail whether or not you'd be open to presenting your Class free-of-charge.

Fringe Bar Series Events/Themes

We usually do a pretty good job of coming up with event and theme ideas for the Fringe Bar Series, but that doesn't mean we don't like hearing suggestions. If you've got some thoughts about what we could do at our nightly after parties, drop it below!

Section Eight: Lack of Application Fee (but Production Fee Reminder)

For Fringe Next applicants, we wave the traditional application fee -- you're still in school, for Pete's sake!

BUT, we do want to take this final moment before you hit SUBMIT to remind you that, even as a Fringe Next participant, you'd be required to pay a nonrefundable $50 Production Fee when you return your signed contract in February.

If that's all good with you, then pop on down and turn this sucker in!

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