Film Fringe Application


Thanks for applying to the 2019 Film Fringe! Please read the following carefully and fulfill requirements to the best of your ability.

You'll become our Primary Contact regarding this submission.
Individual or group the film is "from."
Also let us know if this is a final or anticipated run time.
It's how we do 98.6% of all communications.
Even if it's just a working title.
Feel free to make one up if you need to!
In 50 words or fewer, please describe the plot or intention of your film.
PLEASE NOTE: Videos MUST be on streaming websites and will NOT be downloaded. If videos are password protected, please provide the password.

Thank you for your submitting! You'll receive notification about the status of your application on 3/11/19 - but you may be asked to provide more information prior to that, so keep an eye out!

If you have questions or need notification prior to that time, please contact

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