A Rolling Stone…

Happy Holidays and a festive end to 2013, all!

It always feels like "just yesterday" that the 2013 Cincinnati Fringe Festival lowered the curtain and shuttered its doors but here we are, once again, back to the grindstone with the 2014 Cincy Fringe feeling like it's right around the corner. Now that our deadline for Performance Fringe applications has passed, we've sent all the potential shows off to our jury members for review. They'll spend the next month and a half pouring over proposals, scripts, and media samples in an effort to help us determine the best group of shows for our 2014 line-up (which sounds a lot better than just picking some names out of a hat, eh?)

In the meantime, applications are still being accepted for our FringeNext program, designed to offer high school-age artists the same experience and opportunity regular Fringe artists recieve. With that deadline still a month away (January 17th), we haven't even gotten the chance to take in all that this year's field of Fringe applicants has to offer but we're already excited about what we've seen! Every year we're blown away by the creativity and uniqueness we see in our pool of submissions and this year has been no different. 

There'll be lots more exciting news to come as our process rolls forward for the upcoming festival and we hope that you're feeling the same gurggle of excitement deep in your gut that we are. Now, to take care of some last minute Christmas shopping…


Chris Wesselman

Associate Producer