1,136,363 Seconds…Approximately

That’s how long it is until the 2012 CityBeat Fringe Kick-Off Party! Our good pals at CityBeat help us throw this bash every year and we couldn’t be happier to share party title billing with them once again. Speaking of things CityBeat helps us with…

We’ve been hard at work, especially these past couple of months, getting everything organized, scheduled, written, and prepared for the 2012 Cincy Fringe and we’re happy to say that this year’s Fringe Festival guide is fresh off the presses! You can pick up a copy anywhere you find CityBeats, or you can pop on over to the online Festival guide on this site. As always, there are tons of amazing shows and events to catch in just a mere 12 days and we hope you can cram as much in as possible.

There’s a lot that goes into Fringe and our small but mighty staff has been busy at work with everything – all while juggling the day-to-day operations of Know Theatre’s regular season. It’s a tough job but we’re all here because we love to do it. It’s amazing to think how quickly this year’s Festival is coming upon us. It seems like just yesterday we were still recuperating from last year’s festivities…

The staff is giddy with anticipation as we all can’t wait for May 29th to arrive, especially our resident stage manager Kristen Ruthemeyer who’s absolutely, 100% ready and set for the Festival as of right now. She’ll be sitting in the booth at Know Theatre waiting for the first tech rehearsal to start for next 10 days. Someone bring her some Tom+Chee.


Chris Wesselman

Associate Producer