Why Fringe?

As a member of STOFFNet, the global connections and partnerships of Stockholm Fringe Festival, I was invited to speak on a panel with a few of my cohorts from the conference in Edinburgh. Holly from the World Fringe Network, Steve from Prague Fringe Festival, and Michelle from Adelaide joined me to discuss 'Why Fringe?'

About seven or eight artists joined us for the discussion as well as Adam from team STOFF.

The main focus of the conversation was about why Fringe Festivals begin, how they are unique within their own environments (also came up at the conference), and how they affect the artistic community within their environments. What I enjoyed about this panel was that it wasn't just up to the five of us to do the talking. Each of the questions was also directed at the artists who joined us.

The artists who joined us were from Stockholm, Chicago, Brussels, Poland and India.


Overall some great conversation about the struggle of arts and artists, different art communities, and a bit of the same conversations had at the panels in Edinburgh about the differences between the festivals.

Thanks for having me STOFF!

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