Why are you weird?

Today, the Cincinnati Fringe Festival promotional team was set-up in Washington Park for the OTR 5K, Summer Celebration, and CityFlea! As part of our raffle for people visiting the booth, we asked everyone, "Why are you weird?" 

Here are some of our favorite responses:

  • Because I have attended all 10 Fringes.
  • I'd rather live here than anywhere else.
  • I sneeze when I'm full.
  • Can't help it!
  • Because I want to be!
  • How am I not weird?
  • I talk in weird voices to my boyfriend and call him weird names.
  • Because I'm me!
  • Because people deserve to be surprised.
  • I was born this way!
  • I'm a theatre major…nuff said.
  • I'm not all here.
  • I have a lot of awkward moments.
  • I wear hats and ride bikes.
  • I was born in an airport.
  • I love punk, and I'm black.
  • I'm a Republican that loves OTR, Fringe Festival, and Coffee Emporium.
  • I will eat hot sauce until I cry  and have snot running down my face.
  • Gay and I love sports.
  • My kids have made me weird.
  • I'm a retro-sexual.
  • Because I AM AN ACTOR!!!
  • I'm one of a kind.
  • Because I was starved for oxygen in the womb.
  • I eat ketchup plain.
  • I'm a werewolf.
  • I love roller derby!
  • It's unexplainable.
  • "weird" is a normative word.
  • I look like Drew Carrey.
  • I'm not!
  • I like the music of Tuvan throat singers.
  • I have a strange obsession with dill pickles.
  • I own chickens.
  • I kissed a boy and I liked it.
  • I have a superpower. I can pop and unpop my ears at will.
  • My hobby is learning made-up languages.
  • I'm a pretty math nerd.
  • Dropped on my head as a child.
  • I smell my socks! Woo!
  • I'm a music teacher.
  • I haven't listened to popular music in 30+ years.


So now, we ask our readers, why are you weird? Let us know in the comments below! 

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