We’re here!

Hi everyone and thanks for following my travel blog!

I am catching up on some blogging after spotty wireless access so far and two whirlwind days of hardly a break! Woohoo!

We arrived in Edinburgh on Thursday morning around noon and made our way to our flat to drop off our stuff and hug my friend before she got on a bus to head north. Thanks to my wonderful friend Catriona for putting us up!

I managed to sleep a bit on the first plane from Cincinnati to Paris, and then slept most of the flight from Paris to Edinburgh so I wasn't feeling so awful. I managed to do without a nap the rest of the day!

After refreshing briefly, we walked to Fringe Central to find the Arts Industry office and pick up my Arts Industry pass and tickets. It's a bit of a long walk (about 45 minutes) from our flat to where the Fringe Central office is. Next we head to the Summerhall Venues to check in at the conference and receive my delegate pack. It came with a fancy Fringe bag and Fringe buttons. I'm looking pretty official with my green and blue fringe lanyards around my neck with their myriad of passes.

More to come about the conference and some pretty pictures too!

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