Welcome to STOFF

The Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF) is now in it's 3rd year.

This year, the festival is very lucky to be partnered with the Kultureheuset (Culture House) in Segels Torg in the city center. The Kultureheuset is a large building with the entire front covered in windows. It overlooks the beautiful town square and fountain. The building's five floors feature three or so cafes/restaurants, gallery spaces, a book store, and a handful of different sized theatre spaces. It's the perfect place to house a Fringe Festival! Since STOFF is still a baby festival, they still have a small audience and are working to increase awareness. It works really well to keep all of the activity in one space, throughout this building.



The festival features equal amounts of visual art, performance art, street performers, theatre, music, dance, and video offerings. It's focus is a bit more avant-garde than the more traditional theatre shows that you'll see in Cincinnati (more on the shows coming soon).

This was my favorite visual artists – she made it look like there were giant broken glass spots in the windows using hot glue. Amazing!


Upon arrival in Stockholm, I headed to the Kultureheuset to check in and get my credentials and goodies. They took such good care of me and my mother! I wasn't expecting it, but Adam and his team added me to STOFFNet (the network or partner festivals and organizations across the globe) and gave me a pass that got me into all events. They also gave my mom a full festival pass to join me. That wasn't all! I also got a hip 'bag of STOFF' that included a t-shirt, water bottle, buttons, balloon, and a pencil.

They have created really adorable ways to use their acronym – STOFF.
– A bag of STOFF
– The buttons say ,"Hot STOFF"
– The pencil says, "Write some STOFF"

The festival programme (or guide as we call it) is beautiful! I think it's a requirement in Sweden that any promotional or print material be of impeccable design and quality paper with excellent photography. That's just how they roll I guess. You can check out a link to the STOFF Programme here

Also, another great way to get a sense of the festival is by watching these short videos that summed up this year's festival. Who knows, maybe you'll see me milling about in the background.


Lastly, because the festival is contained within a single building and all the activity is crammed into four days, there is a great sense of community around the festival. They seem to have some very dedicated volunteers who helped to pull it off.

More coming soon about the shows I saw and the panel I spoke on!

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