Visual Fringe

Visual Fringe

The 2013 Fringe Mural

Local Artists Danny Babcock and Matthew Dayler of Highler Level Art will again lead the painting of a 12-day mural project on the south wall of Know Theatre during the 2013 Fringe Festival. Stop by the south wall anytime day or night during the Festival to check out their work and meet the artists. Click here for more information about Higher Level Art.

Cincy Photomob

This year you can be a part of Visual Fringe! Join Matt Steffen in a crowdsourced photography project, The Cincy Photomob. A photomobber will visit the location markers listed, and shoot exactly what you see! As soon as you take the photos email Matt the photos you've taken & let him know where you took them. He will then composite everyone's photo together to create one composite image!

What will you see that no one else does? From a given vantage point what do people find interesting and what is overlooked completely? Help him to find out what captivates our attention.

Visit these Locations:

#1 Washington Park Gazebo- Anytime during festival: 

Visit newly renovated Washington Park between 12th & 14th/Race & Elm (gazebo is in Center). Stand in the gazebo and shoot outward in any/all directions. Take as many pictures as you like. Send images to 

#2 The Mural- Anytime during festival:

Visit the mural on the south wall of Know Theatre and shoot from the numbers 1-6 painted on the ground of the parking lot. Shoot as much as you want. Let him know which number you shot from. Send images to


Past mural projects:

The 2012 Fringe Mural

From the artists:
"We tackled the Know Theatre's exterior walls for a 5th time this past Summer… Four of us each took a sliver of the wall to paint images in styles and techniques we personally enjoyed the most. Design, Portraiture, Illustration and Screen-printing are all referenced in the 4 individual sections. The intent of this year's treatment was to stray from the expected "graffiti" painting that we are so often branded as. As per usual the folks at Know were more than gracious in allowing artistic license in whatever we wanted to take on. Short story long, we each wanted to do our own thing, so we did. There is a "watermark" of KNOW throughout the overall image… We hope the video expresses the positive vibes of the festival and surrounding party itself. Enjoy, holler!"

Cincinnati Fringe Festival 2012 from Higher Level Art on Vimeo.

For more information about Highler Level Art, visit their website at


The 2011 Fringe Mural

From the artists:
"We've completed our 4th Annual mural project at Cincinnati's Know Theatre. For this year's theme we decided to go ANTI-Mural. Partially playing on the recent pop culture validation of "Graffiti" in the sanctioned art world. In a nut shell, the wall itself evolved over a 10 day period from a blank wall with a single tag on it to a full scale graffiti production with characters and subversive content, only to finally be covered up by patches of latex swatches attempting to conceal it's existence… and it's all on video. The patrons of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival that were present to witness the project were visibly confused as to what could possibly be going on with the painting. Once they asked, or were informed by, one of the 15+ visiting artists that were involved, all became intrigued in the concept of a Video/Mural. As well as simply letting a few audience folks know what we were up to, we also invited "one and all" to come scribble, paint or express themselves on the wall. We supplied the paint, they supplied the message. Considering the fact that murals "need" to have approval by those who walk, work, and exist near them, we felt there was no better way to achieve that than letting them do the work. It was a great time! We had approx 300 people over the course of 4-5 hours ransack as high as they could reach on the wall. Then… We let it stay. What we had done was covered up, once again. The only way the actual mural will live on is online via the QR code pasted in the center of the wall."

Cincinnati Fringe Festival 2011 vs HLA from Higher Level Art on Vimeo.

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