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Just confirmed this morning, I will officially be representing Cincinnati at the Fringe Festivals Around The World panel discussion!

When I attended Edinburgh Festival Fringe two years ago, I attended the panel and got to hear from about 12 or so different festivals. It was really neat to hear from different festivals about how they are structured and choose the performances each year. This year, I’ve been invited to be one of the panelists! The event is produced by the World Festival Network who is managing the World Fringe Congress.

The description of the event: “A once-a-year chance to meet and hear from Fringe directors from around the world. Join the discussion and get the global insights, hear why they’re important and how they differ. A great networking opportunity.”

So that’s pretty cool eh?

What are your favorite things about Cincinnati Fringe that I should be sure to talk about? What makes us special and unique?

I leave you with this silver person.

Street performer


  1. (1) every venue is within walking distance of every other venue.

    (2) Vastness of choices! Not just the diversity of offerings, but having multiple choices of each type (i.e., dance, improv, one-person acts, “traditional” plays…).

    (3) trueFRINGE (I know I’m biased, but I think it’s a great idea that could go over well at other festivals as well!).

    (4) central meeting place where people gather every night.

    (5) the on-going mural painting which changes and progresses as the Festival continues (it’s fun to see it at various phases of development!).

    (6) an uber-committed staff of employees and volunteers (in my years of attending, I’ve never seen anyone “phoning it in”). This Festival is a well-oiled machine! They must be trained/instructed well!

    (7) the press coverage, the photo coverage, the tweeting, the FB updates, the program… there are so many ways to learn more about a show in which you are curious about.

    (8) the various ticket options and ways to purchase them (6-show passes, all-access passes, “one night stand” tickets, purchase online, purchase at the door, purchase at the “main” box office…). Makes it easy to make last-second decisions about where to go.

    (9) the different awards given out… it’s fun to celebrate when shows I liked win an award!

    (10) nicely designed/affordably-priced/good-quality t-shirts, so I can remember the great time I had! :)

  2. I think having a central “headquarters” and the audience participation evenings are the thing that really makes Cincy Fringe unique. It makes us all part of it. Well, volunteering too, but one thing feeds the other. Also, I just want to say that I thinks something called the World Congress of Fringe is in itself a Fringe show. Or could be . . .

  3. I’m going to have to say the creation of a “whole” community. Lots of fringes have headquarters, or music and events for the fans, but the intentional ways Cincy Fringe encourages artists and fans and volunteers and staff to interact in creative and authentic ways (not just passively watching a band) seems wonderful and unique to me. I made so many friends at Cincy Fringe…and they were folks from every festival role…and it makes me want to come “home” to them when I’m gone more than any other fringe I’ve seen.

    • Agree with everything above, especially the central gathering every night with audience able to mingle (yes, and buy drinks for) the cast members. That’s my FAVE part if Cincy Fringe!

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