The World Fringe Fair

This past Saturday morning, as part of the World Fringe Congress, all the representatives from the various festivals around the world gathered at Fringe Central to set up a table for their festival, talk to artists, and trade goodies!

Here is me and the Cincinnati Fringe Festival table!


And here is just the table! With my coffee.


I tried to get a photo of the whole room of presenters.


I brought about 18 t-shirts with me to Edinburgh to give away at the fair. People kept asking me how much they were, and I replied, "FREE! Priced to sell!" As you may expect, they went quick. And good thing, as I wasn't planning to bring any of them back with me. The first round of them were taken by other Fringe Festivals, hooray!

Here is Adam of STOFF – Stockholm Fringe Festival showing how excited he is to be 'Kinda weird.'


The fair was amazing and was SO MUCH FUN. As soon as they opened the doors at 11am, a fantastic amount of artists came through to talk to all of us. I was worried no one would show up! I talked to so many wonderful people and received a great deal of compliments about how our festival is structured. We are different from many other festivals and provide a lot of support to our artists. Lots of festivals have costs associated with housing (we provide that free), venue rental (we provide that free), and participation fees (We only have a small application fee). Needless to say, many artists I spoke to were shocked and very interested in learning more about coming to Cincinnati. It's affordable compared to other festivals. I also convinced them all that they would have a great time in Cincinnati!

I coincidentally met a young man from Cincinnati. He wandered over and told me that he never knew Cincinnati had a Fringe Festival. Story of my life. :( Anyways, he used to work at Findlay Market and we had a nice conversation about Over-the-Rhine and his travels. Small world again!

I also met some very excited and passionate young Fringe organizers from Shenzhen Fringe Festival and Shenzhen, China. Their slogan is, "GO! Fringe! Go!" I love it. GO FRINGE!


I reached a lot of artists, hopefully we'll hear from them in the coming future!


  1. So Jealous! Take über amount of pics for
    Ideas ! Miss you!

  2. see that chair next to Alex in the top pic? I am sitting in it! I am just really good at blending in 😀

  3. not surprised that you met someone from Cincy that didn’t know we have a Fringe. I just reconnected with an old friend from high school, who lived in OTR for years, just a few blocks from the Know, and he had never heard of Cincy Fringe or the Know for that matter!!!?!?! and just about every time I wear a Cincy Fringe shirt in Cincy, someone inevitably asks me about it because they have never heard of Cincy Fringe!! How do we miss these people? hmmmm….

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