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We Put the "Fun" in FuneralFringeNext: Big and Bigger Productions, Cincinnati, OH

Venue SCPA Black Box
Running Time 60 minutes
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Tags Comedy, Drama, Teen Friendly





Thursday, May 30 @ 8:45pm
Friday, May 31 @ 7:15pm


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Comedy in the most unlikely place. Family Dysfunction. Funeral. Fireworks.

Everyone’s family has problems and this group is no Brady Bunch. With every crazy family member stuck in the same room, things are sure to get a little tense. In a darkly comedic attempt to redefine “nuclear family,” Trey’s family’s must figure out how to handle each other’s differences – before the always-flammable drunk Uncle Ron catches fire and the whole thing explodes!

We are very proud to say that our show features three-fourths of a set of quadruplets, as well as a triplet. The Hehman sisters and their brother Hank have all done theater throughout high school – though Norb’s two brothers have never joined in!


Hannah Regan (co-writer/producer) has dabbled in every side of the theater, from acting to directing and now to writing. Only child and certified Google Earth World Traveler, her great loves include the theater, reading and writing, and gummi bears.

Jimmy Stratman (co-writer/technical designer) is a fun loving alternative fan who has been known to ‘light up’ a life or two. He has done the lighting design for most of the shows during his years in high school theater.

Audrey Hehman (stage manager/asst. writer) was born on April 24, 1995. For the past four years she has stage-managed every show available to her at her high school. Over the years she has grown close to the cast members, and although they have nearly driven her to insanity on a few occasions, Audrey plans on continuing her theater career in college.

Cast: Katie Maurer loves life and loves you. Maria Hehman, youngest of her quadruplet counterparts, lover of green, former cat, wants to let you know that her many roles as sex symbol are not typecast. Eric Zimmer, affectionately known as 'Big Sexy' is a local actor and part time XL model best known for his work as Snarf from Thundercats. Grant Lyons started acting in 2011 and will be attending University of Dayton next year to study accounting. Norb Wessels is an average guy with an above average ability for confusing people. Maggie Hehman is a quadruplet and enjoys long walks on the beach. Megan Turner has been told she looks like the main character from MTV’s “Awkward,” which she is relatively sure is not a coincidence. Sarah Buckley is at last being recognized as the Grecian goddess that is herself and for her mad logo designing skills. Quenton Floyd, more commonly known as Q, spent much of his childhood watching and reenacting movies, so he was naturally drawn to the stage. And of course, we have many fantastic senior crew members who have also dedicated their high school years to our theater program!

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