violent as BIRTH dramatic as DEATH

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Venue 1211 Jackson Street
Running Time 45 minutes
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Thursday, May 30 @ 9:30pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 5:00pm
Sunday, June 2 @ 9:00pm
Wednesday, June 5 @ 7:15pm


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Fighting for internal freedom through movement, Shakespeare, poetry and film.

violent as BIRTH dramatic as DEATH depicts the internal violence and drama that occurs when one questions stereotyping, impatience, gender complexities, the nature of living, sacrifice and the value of one’s artistry. Through the use of 1950’s educational films we witness that some of the same social norms presented in these films still exist in today’s culture. Freedom from these conditioned ways is the core of this performance art piece and is expressed through the use of film, Shakespeare monologues, original poetry and choreography. This is a protest…and my story.

Started as just an idea! Last fall, I was cast in the CCM Mainstage musical and decided it would be more important to commit my time towards developing this idea. Making that decision has totally changed my life. Creating is now my addiction…the possibilities are endless!




southern suburban skill with a color coated heart.
ccm graduate who knows where to start:
with his heart.
with his art.
to part could cause friction.
an internal infliction but it can’t beat the benedictions
through the ways and means
of the secrets in between.
a healthy dose of movement, raps in front of a screen.
i scream with every move
every line.
what’s to prove?
to understand and demand that with your heart, we take a stand.
pulsing bleeding from command
in your hand – right hand!
please stand.
right hand!  Place it over your wound.
blood now red but once was blue.
i’m no idea of what is “new”
but a guttural explosion.
with a motion that has form.
visions BORN
from the waves in my head.
tidal waves in my head.
to the waves that have been said
they weren’t born, I’d be dead.
a body covered all in red.
for my art I would bleed.
i look for color in between
and then i SPILLL it…i SPILLL it daily in my prayers.
i’m no idea.  
i wish to share.  
i’m kevin brown. 
i really care.

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Violent as Birth Dramatic as Death (Review)- By: Kathy Valin





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  1. We're looking very much forward to performing alongside Kevin Brown at The Cincinnati Fringe Festival. It is exciting that you chose to take time off to work on this piece. Choices like that is what makes artists thrive! Can't wait to see the performance! Best wishes! 

    Unity Productions´╗┐ 
    Facebook Page: 
    Fringe Page:

  2. Christine Wands

    I am not normally someone interested in watching dance, but I really enjoyed the show. It was thoughtful, interesting, and beautifully done

    • Christine Wands

      It's too bad that audiences for this have been so small.  I wonder that I haven't seen Mr. Brown hanging around at Fringe headquarters or in the neighborhood promoting his show and creating a buzz that would have brought more people in.

  3. Randy Waterhous

    1*- Sorry I saw it
    2*- Glad I saw it
    3*- I recommend it
    4*- I would see it again
    And a second rating to cover degrees of weirdness ( a Fringe Festival standard)
    Fringy, Fringier, Fringiest

    violent as BIRTH dramatic as DEATH

    Randy 2.5* Klara 4* Fringier

    This a one man show with several elements- dance that is high energy and emotional; edited film clips from 1950s educational films; an interpretation of Hamlet interspersed with poetic commentary; and high energy music. All elements were well done, creating a complex piece that followed the stages of human life. Klara recommended it, which is why I went. I am very glad that I did. Here is why I did not give it a higher rating. For me 2.5 roughly means, recommend with conditions. Do you like contemporary dance? Do you like complexity with high emotional content? Are you comfortable with uncertainty? If yes, this is an excellent show. If no, I don't see how you could appreciate this. I hope this gets a larger audience. I would see other dance pieces by Kevin Brown. However, even I felt like I was watching a movie dominated by intense dialogue in a language I don't know so well. But, that is a perfect fit for the Fringe.

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