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trueFRINGETrue Theatre, Cincinnati, OH

Venue Coffee Emporium
Running Time 90 minutes
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Tags Storytelling





Friday, June 6 @ 9:00pm


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Cincinnati’s True Theatre, approaching its fifth season, continues to sell out every one of their one-night-only shows, advertising only “true stories told by real people” and a theme. Each of their shows (including trueFEAR, trueMOM, trueOOPS!, and trueLOVE) have drawn storytellers from all walks of life. For the fourth year in a row, True Theatre will be joining the Festival with trueFRINGE, featuring five artists associated with this year’s Festival.

  • Kevin Holladay ("The King & I: A Hunk Of Burnin' Love")
  • Rebecca Kling ("Something Something New Vagina")
  • Kevin Thornton ("Bryyann Loves You"/"Kevy Kev's Stand-Up Extravaganza")
  • Tanya O'Debra ("The Ultimate Stimulus")
  • Eriv Vosmeier (Co-anchor of the Channel Fringe Hard-Hitting Action News Update and Producing Artistic Director of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival!)


Each storyteller will be sharing true, personal stories that will give you that behind-the-scenes look at life in-and-around the theatre that will make you laugh, cry, and shake your head*. Don’t miss the chance to make your Fringe experience complete with this ONE NIGHT ONLY show! (*Laughing, crying, and head-shaking guaranteed).

The mission of True Theatre is to bring together a wide variety of people to share stories in an effort to create Community, encourage discussion, and remind everyone that ALL of us have stories to tell with unique insights and broad appeal. Though storytelling can take on many forms, True Theatre realizes that what great stories have in common are their power to hold attention, slow time, and capture the imagination. They may redden cheeks, make eyes water, and elicit eruptions of laughter. They take you somewhere. Although great storytelling is not limited to true, personal stories, True Theatre believes that these real moments of our lives, from the mundane to the extraordinary, give both the speaker AND the listener the ultimate sense of being part of a larger community than they were aware. Come join us for an evening of True Theatre ...where time slows down and we can listen.

Past Fringe Festivals:

(2013) Cincinnati Fringe Festiva, trueFRINGE
(2012) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, trueFRINGE
(2011) Cincinnati Fringe Festical, trueFRINGE

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