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The Bubble and Other Displays of Moral TurpitudeNorth American New Opera Workshop, Cincinnati, OH

Venue Art Academy - Commons
Running Time 75 minutes
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Tags Comedy, Dance, Opera,
Music, Adult Content





Wednesday, May 29 @ 8:45pm
Friday, May 31 @ 7:00pm
Sunday, June 2 @ 7:30pm
Tuesday, June 4 @ 8:15pm
Thursday, June 6 @ 7:00pm


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Four short operas, all the deadly sins

A vaudeville style opera about the housing bubble, an opera about Paula Deen, two operas about relationships gone bad, really bad, and all of it gets done in about an hour. It's a night of unexpected twists in four unexpectedly short American operas.

In order to turn the story of the U.S. housing bubble into a sitcom length opera, the creators revived unfamiliar tools that were common in the form's early years but haven't been used for centuries, such as bawdy catch canons and the use of a dancing, non-speaking major character.


In early 2012, a plot was hatched by the country's leading minds (well, okay, maybe not leading, per se, but pretty solidly second or third tier-ish,) to formulate a twenty-first century North American opera company for twenty-first century North American audiences. One that didn't have to rely solely on dead Germans or Italians for its creative influence, one that could actually tell entire stories in less than three hours, or less than an hour even.., heck, less than twenty minutes usually. In fact, we're already boring ourselves with this narrative. We formed, we're here, and we're kicking butt.

NANOWorks develops and stages short contemporary operas by emerging North American composers and dedicates itself to raising the spotlight on young singers, composers, librettists, directors, choreographers and other company artists to give them a stepping stone to national attention.

NANOWorks will build a generational and cultural bridge between Cincinnati’s traditional opera lovers and those younger art audiences seeking a fresh, contemporary perspective. NANOWorks will also reach out to new audiences through educational programs in schools, satellite theaters and other unconventional venues.

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