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Telephone: A Prequel to a Love StoryAlex Talks and Harper Lee, Cincinnati, OH

Venue Art Academy - Commons
Running Time 45 minutes
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Tags Comedy, Drama,
Interdisciplinary, Multimedia,
Teen Friendly





Thursday, May 30 @ 7:00pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 2:30pm
Monday, June 3 @ 9:15pm
Wednesday, June 5 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, June 8 @ 6:30pm


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Trapped in separate worlds, connected only by a telephone wire.

Meet Kyle and Dylan -- two incredibly different men, each struggling with the same set of troubles and quandaries: who am I, and what is my life? Am I brave? Am I happy with what’s happening to me? Or is it just happening? One in his work cubicle and the other in his tiny Hell’s Kitchen studio, existing side by side, they are trapped in separate worlds that never converge except through the telephone wire. The two realize that they’re both facing an overwhelming fear. In this story, Kyle and Dylan find they are able to find counsel in each other -- and maybe more.

We’re new. We know that. But over warm drinks one night at our favorite local bar we discovered that we have a good story in us -- we hope. We're writers, thinkers, entertainers, drinkers, and on Thursdays we go shopping and on Saturday mornings, we're tap dancers. No, really.


We’re great friends and we’re a writing team, but we’re mostly trying to work through for ourselves and for others the worries and anxieties and fears that rock lots of young people who are trying to direct their lives and generally figure “it” all out. Our work isn’t therapy. It’s meant to create quiet, careful space where people can interact, voice their frustrations, and because of this – grow.

We hope you think and feel and laugh.

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