Pulling Off Procreation

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Venue 1334 Main Street
Running Time 80 minutes
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Tags Comedy, Theatre, LGBT 
Themes, Adult Content,
Adult Language





Thursday, May 30 @ 8:45pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 3:30pm
Sunday, June 2 @ 7:00pm
Tuesday, June 4 @ 7:00pm
Saturday, June 8 @ 2:00pm


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Or, is it wrong to keep f*cking if the baby starts crying?

Created, designed and performed by local artists, this play tells the story of a happily married straight woman and gay man who shoot their crying infant because it was distracting them from some uncommonly good sex. It is certainly dark, extremely funny and undoubtably irreverent. This play examines the power and unpredictability of true love, while pegging it against the destructive lure of media attention, fame and widespread public acceptance. And just to keep things moving along there's plenty of swearing, sex, cross-dressing, drug use and electrocution for everyone to enjoy.

Don't miss your chance to see local favorites Buz Davis, Nathan Neorr, Leah Strasser and Reggie Willis on stage together. 




Theater for the backyard dreamer, free of pesticides and preservatives, fresh from our imagination to yours. The Homegrown Theater is a Cincinnati, OH based company comprised of local actors, writers, visual artists and musicians. Our goal is to expand on our understanding of theater and its collective and collaborative nature through refreshing new plays, which stretch the imagination and push the limits of common decency.

Homegrown's maiden production was The Doppelganer Cometh and Overtaketh, which premiered at the 2012 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Pulling Off Procreation will be workshopped at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in May 2013

Past Fringe Festivals:

(2012) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, The Doppelganger Cometh and Overtaketh, producer
(2010) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, Trust, actor
(2008) Prague Fringe Festival, The Hallucinogenic Toreador, actor




Pulling Off Procreation -By: Stacy Sims



Coming soon!



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  1. Looking forward to performing alongside ´╗┐Homegrown Theater again at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival´╗┐! PULLING OFF PROCREATION is a great title. Can't wait to see the performance! Best wishes! 

    Unity Productions´╗┐ 
    Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/397522890341278 
    Fringe Page: http://www.cincyfringe.com/performance/the-wave-by-ron-jones

  2. Randy Waterhous

    1*- Sorry I saw it
    2*- Glad I saw it
    3*- I recommend it
    4*- I would see it again
    And a second rating to cover degrees of weirdness ( a Fringe Festival standard)
    Fringy, Fringier, Fringiest

    Pulling Off Procreation

    Randy 2.5* Suzana 2.5* Fringier

    This was one bizarre topic that morphed into a meaningful play on several levels. The two and a half stars means I selectively recommend it. It is no secret that a baby is killed early on in the play- they included this in their printed synopsis. The very fringy thing is the baby killing is successfully played for laughs. And the play is NOT about killing an innocent. It is a twisted and often funny dissection of our dysfunctional contemporary America values. If you can handle laughing at very unfunny realities, this is an excellent Fringe play. Again, it was too long. An hour long version would have been a better play.
    Footnote- Homegrown Theater's play last year, 'The Doppleganger', was too much of a project, in need of more development, with hints of potential. 'Pulling Off Procreation' is far superior. We hope Homegrown Theater keeps up the progress. They are becoming perfect additions to Cinci Fringe.

    • Randy Waterhous

      Suzana saw this a second time last night and liked it even more this time. So she is upgrading her rating to 3*- though, by enjoying it twice, it is technically 4*.

  3. Christine Wands

    Don't do this show again. Ever. Burn the script. Please.

    • What a wonderfully well-crafted piece of absurdist theatre. By shocking our systems with unconvential and "offensive" subject matter, we're appropriately prepared to accept more deeply the true messages of the play, which vary from topics such as parenting, the meaning of love, societal pressures, and the grotesque desires some harbor for fame and fortune and the bizarre lengths they'll go to secure their place in history. What a perfect show for Fringe. Please do it again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And then, maybe, just for fun, you can burn the script…when it's used for post-show smoke-outs. *****


  4. I liked this show. I wasn't sure what to think based on the synopsis but the messages within the play were easily received. 

  5. The is show is great! It is shocking, funny & bizarrely dark. It demonstrates that there is often no good reason for our behavior but there still are consequences. The set is simple but effective. The actors really get into their roles. It is a joy to watch.

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