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Petunia and ChickenAnimal Engine, New York, NY

Venue Know Theatre, 1120 Jackson St.
Running Time 60 minutes
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Tags Drama, Music, Theatre





November 10 @ 8pm
November 11 @ 8pm


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Two daring performers create an epic prairie love story.

Inspired by the writings of Midwestern author Willa Cather, two daring performers create an epic story of love and loss as big as the prairie itself.

Petunia, an indomitable immigrant girl determined to tame the wild land around her, meets Chicken, a right smart boy with dreams of great adventures. As the joys of their youth give way to the harsh realities of adulthood, they struggle to stay together.

Sprawling fields of wheat, bustling train stations, rain-soaked kisses, wind-blown hair, and the rest of Petunia and Chicken’s world are brought to life with imagination, movement, and song.

This play comes at a very special time in our lives. We started making this show about true love just after we got engaged! At the end of the summer we will be married in a barn in Nebraska. Karim will be Carrie's cowboy, and Carrie will be Karim's wind-blown ingénue.

Hello! We are Animal Engine (aka Karim Muasher and Carrie Brown). We make original devised theatre.
Our work is offbeat, committed to the relationship between the performer and the audience, and regularly tip-toes the line between comedy and tragedy. In the past we have created The Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular!, an absurdly poignant tale of a Professor and her undead son who attempt to relive the glory days of their once thriving circus; It’s a Ten Minute Life, a break neck reimagining of Frank Capra’s classic film It’s a Wonderful Life; and Age of the Android, an immersive play that recounts the untold story of Thomas Edison, the Robot he built, and the reporter who fell in love with her. From a zombie and his mustachioed mother, to George and Mary Bailey, to a famed inventor and his lady Android, our work is clever, quirky, sharp and new.

Past Fringe Festivals:

(2009) Cincinnati Fringe, Empire of Feathers

(2010) Cincinnati Fringe, A Short Lecture of a Different Time

(2011) Cincinnati Fringe, The Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular

(2011) Capital Fringe, The Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular

(2013) Frigid New York, The Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular

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