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Persephone's PrerogativeFringeNext: Pear of Artists, Cincinnati, OH

Venue SCPA Black Box
Running Time 45 minutes
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Tags Drama, Theatre





Wednesday, May 29 @ 9:00pm
Thursday, May 30 @ 7:15pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 8:00pm


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Reality television might as well be the new theatre, right?

Two artists are subjected to a normal yet abnormal situation. What they think is an audition is a reality television show purely focused on the ratings. These characters all struggle with their own understanding of art and where their own opinions reside. The fate of spring is in their hands, it will take a brave soul to fight for its survival. One may rise to earth or fall into the trap of Hades. A twisted reality sure to change your perspective, but of course that's your prerogative.

The characters and theme of the show may be serious and contemplative, but within the play are many microcosmic social messages in the script, awkward personalities and the sheer fun of people cutting their own clothes off!


Pear of Artists is a troupe that resides in the land of ye old School for Creative Performing Arts. We ride around on our trusty steeds across the Central Parkway mote to go to our theater classes, where we learn combat of the stage and projection of the voice. Our apprenticeships, despite high demand for blacksmiths will be in theater.

Past Fringe Festivals:

(2011) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, FringeNext, The Color of Harmony
(2012) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, FringeNext, You Have Twenty Five Minutes to Complete This Essay

Cappies Review:

Persephone's Prerogative- By Olivia Krauth

Persephone's Prerogative- By Richard Lowenburg

Persephone's Prerogative- By Matt Ruehlman

Persephone's Prerogative- By Lindsey Franxman


Persephone's Prerogative (Review)- By Kathy Valin

Make Cincinnati Weird

FringeNext Production: Persephone's Prerogative - by Jean Lerma

Coming soon!


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