Mater Facit

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Venue 1211 Jackson Street
Running Time 50 minutes
First Time? Returning Participant
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Tags Comedy, Drama, Theatre,
Women's Themes, Adult




Wednesday, May 29 @ 6:59pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 3:00pm
Monday, June 3 @ 7:00pm
Thursday, June 6 @ 9:00pm
Friday, June 7 @ 9:00pm


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War begins with mommy. A delicate tale told by idiots.

Mater Facit (Mah-ter Fah-ket) is an absurd look at motherhood, nationalism, sex, sacrifice and rabbits. This physical theatre tale explores the expectations of women and mothers as providers of the first need of every society throughout history to engage in war – humans.

We began our rehearsal process with a two-day workshop with the award-winning Minneapolis-based physical theatre artist, Jon Ferguson ( Jon directed our popular 2006 Cincy Fringe entry, godsplay:, and we look forward to incorporating his unique way of working into our process.

Often outlandish, sometimes profound, always unpredictable, Cincinnati-based Performance Gallery is a collaborative performance environment existing to produce and promote challenging works of theatre. Founded in 2002, they are a nomadic company and have produced a varying amount of works per year including original plays, revamped classics and nine widely different original offerings at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. They busted out of Cincinnati to perform their award-winning ’08 fringe piece, fricative at the 2011 Indianapolis Fringe and the 2012 Atlanta Fringe.

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  1. Christine Wands

    Weird and wonderful (and warm, as in temperature), this was thought-provoking and human.  Just when things got really uncomfortably deep, they pulled you back into your comfort zone, with clever symbolic references that were all over the map. With both beat poetry (and berets) and Kurt Weill, how could they go wrong?

    And, of course, there were rabbits.  Lots of rabbits.

  2. Randy Waterhous

    1*- Sorry I saw it
    2*- Glad I saw it
    3*- I recommend it
    4*- I would see it again
    And a second rating to cover degrees of weirdness ( a Fringe Festival standard)
    Fringy, Fringier, Fringiest

    Mater Facit
    Randy 3* Suzana 3* Fringy
    This is from one of our favorites, The Performance Gallery. Every year they do a Fringe show and every year is original, well done, and different from any other year. The title translates, "Mother Does It" but is pronounce like a famous obscenity that begins with "Mother". We have three mothers and their shared son, destined to be a soldier. But first we get a nursery rhyme in what we believe is German. There is live music throughout, which does add a lot. The nursery rhyme is a bit dark. This is foreshadowing. Like the nursery rhyme which seems benign at first, the play starts out goofy and yet is as serious as a war. It is a must see, if you have any doubts about how heroic organized human killing really is.

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