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Lolita: a three man showFour Humors Theater, Minneapolis, MN

Venue Know Theatre
Running Time 50 minutes
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Tags Comedy, Theatre, Adult
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Friday, May 31 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 9:00pm
Monday, June 3 @ 8:30pm
Wednesday, June 5 @ 7:15pm
Saturday, June 8 @ 5:00pm


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Lolita performed by three men

A one hour play which is based on the two hour movie by Stanley Kubrick, which is based on the six hour screenplay by Vladimir Nabokov, which is based on the three hundred page book by Vladimir Nabokov. Performed by three men.

Lolita is a classic novel and movie about an older man and the underage girl he falls in love with. We will create an original, honest retelling with only three male performers and in less than an hour. It will be both comedic and touching...and probably use only one folding chair.


Four Humors is a Twin Cities based theater company that focuses largely on newly devised work and original adaptations created by the company.

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