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HEISTfrom Performance Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Venue MOTR
Running Time  50 Min
First Time? Returning Participant
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Tags Theatre, Comedy,
Teen Friendly
Suited For  Ages 16 and up





Thurs, May 29 @ 8:15 pm
Sat, May 31 @ 7:00 pm
Mon, June 2 @ 7:00 pm
Thurs, June 5 @ 7:00 pm
Sat, June 7 @ 6:45 pm


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Imagine Dashiell Hammett and Samuel Beckett in a drunken slapfight.

Three crooks of questionable ability face a seemingly never-ending stream of challenges. Two bothersome hostages complicate life in the secret hideout. How much chloroform is too much chloroform? Whose tooth is this? What is roaming the air ducts? Creepy, hilarious, and thoroughly whatthehell?!, Heist is an exquisite little bit of absurdist crime noir. Yes, if Dashiell Hammett and Samuel Beckett got into a drunken slap fight and then wrote a play, it would be HEIST.


Coming soon!

Performance Gallery is a Cincinnati-based, collaborative of theatre artists existing to produce and promote challenging works of theatre. We are often outlandish, sometimes profound and strive to be unpredictable. Founded in 2002, we have produced a varying amount of works per year in a variety of spaces, including original plays (Chasing the Wolf ’04, Gilgamesh in Uruk, G.I. in Iraq, ‘06), some revamped classics (The Maids, ’03, Woyzeck, ‘05) and ten widely different, original offerings at our favorite hangout, the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. We had a successful remount of fricative (our 2008 Cincy Fringe offering) at IndyFringe in August 2011 and took it to the inaugural Atlanta Fringe in May 2012. Collaborations include Through the Eyes of a Crow, with Cincinnati-based Pones, Inc, which played in a variety of venues around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in 2011 and Dead Can Dance with Cincinnati’s Exhale Dance Tribe for Halloween 2012 and 2013. We also manage an amazing drama-based literacy program for Cincinnati Public Schools called Books In Action which delivers two actors into forty-eight Head Start pre-school rooms once every month during the school year.

Past Fringe Festivals:

(2013) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, Mater Facit
(2012) Cincinnati Fringe Festival,
 Rodney Rumple's Random Reality
(2012) Atlanta Fringe Festival, fricative
(2011) Indianapolis Fringe Festival, fricative
(2011) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, The Body Speaks: scripted
(2010) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, the council
(2009) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, KAZ/m
(2008) Minnesota Fringe Festival, fricative
(2007) Cincinnati Fringe Festival, girlfight
(2006) Boulder Fringe Festival, godsplay
(2005) Minnesota Fringe Festival, The Killer Whispers and Prays
(2004) Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Images of a Beating Heart


Heist by Nicholas Korn



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