Confessions of a Cat Lady (with a side of crazy!)

[dcs_heading size=”2″ align=”left” sub=”Tiffany Price, Los Angeles, CA”]Confessions of a Cat Lady (with a side of crazy!)[/dcs_heading]

Venue 1334 Main Street
Running Time 55 minutes
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Tags Comedy, Solo, Music,
Women's Themes, Cat Lovers,
Adult Language





Wednesday, June 5 @ 7:00pm
Friday, June 7 @ 9:00pm
Saturday, June 8 @ 9:00pm


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Tiffany's hilarious confessions are gut busting, embarrassing & totally honest.

The show is based on true confessions, most of which stem from my main flaw, jealousy. Some people think some of my confessions are so off the wall I made them up. But I do think Jesus is hot and I really NEVER go poop in public places! I am severely jealous of my husband's toned legs and I never wear shorts. The confessions expose a different side of a "cat lady," that will make you laugh. It's a blend of hilarious confessions delivered in a physical way that leads to a great message at the end.

When I did my show in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ, many people were apprehensive that they would be named or embarrassed in the show. It was pretty awesome to hear their reactions to what was really going through my head in the situations they were involved in.



Tiffany Anne Price Bio
Confession #81 I really hate writing bios. They are kind of boring and long-winded and no one really reads them. It's just something people act like they are doing before the show so you don't have to interact with others. I mean, do people really want to know where I was born?
Confession #92 I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I have the same birthday as Sarah Jessica Parker except I'm way younger. She could be my teen mom!
Confession #80 I got my start doing commercials for jewelry and Southwest Gas at the age of 4. I also did beauty pageants before it was all Toddler and Tiara-y. Or maybe it was like that, but I didn't know because my mom wasn't a freak like they are on the show. I won the pageants even though I didn't have an authentic Rainbow Brite costume like some girls.Take that!
Confession #101 My first stage role was Marta in the Sound of Music and later I played Brigitta. Very pivotal performances, people. Wendy's was favorite place to eat after rehearsals.
Confession #95 I've done a lot of Shakespeare over the years, Midsummer's, Twelfth Night, Romeo & Juliet, Much Ado, but my favorite stage role was Babe in Crimes of the Heart. I loved playing her so much I had my sister call all over the mall looking for a blue shirt I saw that said BABE in rhinestones. I still have that shirt…I think.
Confession #99 I bet you think I do improv. Yes, and I studied at the IO West, the UCB, and Groundlings. I even did standup at the Comedy Store for awhile. But I never saw Pauly Shore. If I did, I'd dance around and say "Steven Tyler pj's, Steven Tyler pj's!" You'd appreciate that if you've seen SON-IN-LAW, arguably his best work yet.
Confession #94 I'm on netflix in a movie called Breast Picture. It's a comedy, of course! I play a porn star but I don't do anything porn-y so keep your pants on. There is, in fact, a real porn star named Tiffany Price though, not to confuse you. She's in Double Decker Sandwich 9. Yikes!
Confession #97 I want to have my own farm. It's going to be awesome. I'll learn the ukulele and play "Come Together" for my chickens, otters, pigs, and monkeys. I'm sorry, did I say farm? I meant zoo-farm. It's a thing! Don't worry about it.If you want to know more, see my show!

Past Fringe Festivals:

(2011) Burbank, CA Solo Show Showcase
(2012) LA Comedy Fest
(2012) PHX Fringe Festival
(2012) Hollywood Fringe Festival (Nominated for BEST ONE PERSON SHOW)
(2012) Best of Fringe – (Encore for Hollywood Fringe)




Confessions of a Cat Lady (with a side of crazy) Review – by Harper Lee





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  1. Looking very much forward to performing with you at The Cincinnati Fringe Festival! Jealousy is such a universal theme, I am sure your production will be a delight. Safe travels to Cincinnati!

    Jon Kovach

    Unity Productions

    Fringe Page:

    Facebook Page:


  2. Christine Wands

    She explores and confesses to the idiosyncrasies of a totally self-absorbed California girl. She's very funny and also very convincing.   I hope she's not that shallow in real life.

    I enjoyed this show and laughed a lot.  It's not Great Theatre, but instead an entertaining hour in an uncomfortable chair.

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