and the Rand played on, aka The Hell with Edutainment, Let’s Have Fun!

[dcs_heading size=”3″ align=”left” sub=”from the burying beetles, Cincinnati, Ohio “]and the Rand played on, aka The Hell with Edutainment, Let’s Have Fun![/dcs_heading]

Venue Art Academy – Auditorium
Running Time 55 minutes
First Time? Returning Participant
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Tags Environmental Themes,
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Adult Language





Wednesday, May 29 @ 9:00pm
Friday, May 31 @ 9:15pm
Sunday, June 2 @ 8:00pm
Tuesday, June 4 @ 9:00pm
Wednesday, June 5 @ 7:00pm


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“Philosopher, Novelist, Speed-Freak Turned Game Show…?” Who is Ayn Rand!

As their next salvo in Democracy’s War on Capitalism and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce The Burying Beetles offer you “It’s a spelling bee, it’s Jeopardy, it’s Atheists-Play-Twister, it’s… and the RAND played on!” Straight outa television hell and riding on SPEED – with a capital S and a capital P and a capital E-E-D! – the amphetamine addicted philosopher cum novelist cum cult leader cum… oh… sorry… got-on-a-roll-but-it’s-ok-I’ll-stop-in-1,058-pages-and… wait… sorry… start again… Ayn Rand. She could have been a theme park but, hey, we got there first and now she’s a game show. Faster. Funnier. And nowhere near as loud.

One co-creator survived Teenaged Objectivism determined to take out her/his former idol, but equally determined to do it right. Having made said co-creator watch each of the Atlas Shrugged movies to no apparent therapeutic avail, the remaining beetles thought it easier to make this show than go see part 3.





The burying beetles are a study group that's not afraid to giggle. Nor, apparently, are they afraid to throw stones of a metaphorical nature. John "Head Wrighter In Charge" Ray's play "The Sweet, Burning Yonder" was a Critic's Pick at the 2012 Cincy Fringe. His short play "A Tiger on the Slopes" was part of the BoCoCa festival in New York in 2011 and was seen in April at the Contemporary Dance Theater 40th Anniversary Gala.

Past Fringe Festivals:

 (2012) Cincinnati Fringe, The Sweet, Burning Yonder
 (2009) Cincinnati Fringe, Where Drunk Men Go 




And the Rand Played On..aka The Hell with Edutainment, Lets Have Fun! (Review)- By Tony Dallas



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  1. We're looking very much forward to performing alongside The Burying Beetles at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival! I am very curious about your production/gameshow and Ayn Rand! I cannot wait to see the performance! Best wishes! 

    Unity Productions 

    Facebook Page: 

    Fringe Page:

  2. The performance was great on Friday.  Satire at its finest. Great show, would recommend to all, especially neocons.

  3. Christine Wands

    Ummmm. No.

  4. I was disappointed by this show. To begin with the the man who goes up on the stage to read is a slightly funny bit but his conatant reading at times was so loud that he drowns out the other actors for the audience sitting in the back, The game theme was a good idea but it it was lacking in fun & excitement by this cast. Maybe more audience participation would make it more lively and fun? Rand is a very interesting subject but her stark and selfish world view requires a more imaginative presentation. I personally think you needed to make more fun of her crazy philosophy and connect it better to current beliefs in this country.


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