Ain’t True and Uncle False

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Venue Know Theatre, 1120 Jackson St.
Running Time 60 minutes
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Tags Comedy, Music, Solo, Storytelling




October 11 @ 8pm
October 12 @ 8pm


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A One Man Trailer Park Fairy Tale Comedy (with Songs!)

Step right up!!! Hear the story of how Pangea Park broke up into all the different types of parks we have today (including trailer-park!!) Learn how they make black-eyed peas by punching green peas!!! Hear a story about siamese twins who aren’t the same age!!! How about a the tale of a wall of taxidermied, mounted goldfish?!? Step right up!! Nationally acclaimed comedian, storyteller and musician Paul Strickland’s “Ain’t True and Uncle False” is a one man trailer park fantasy (with songs), as told to his dead grandfather for your enjoyment.

This show was built from several selections from a novel I started writing about 4 years ago, but has since evolved into something completely fresh and different from its origin.



“Paul Strickland is a fantastic storyteller and one funny guy. Actually, funny is an understatement — he’s hysterical.” – Kelly Fitzpatrick, Orlando Sentinel

“The words of this stand-up-philosopher will linger in your ears all night.”

– Katelyn Coyne, NUVO Indianapolis


After not graduating with a degree in music and creative writing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Paul got married, then divorced, then decided to crash on couches and make stories and jokes his bread and butter, because bread and butter got expensive. Now he is who he is probably as a result of all of that. “I firmly believe that making people laugh at themselves and think in a new way about their world is a good way to help them escape while, hopefully, gaining some perspective on what they’re escaping from, and distracting them from the fact that I just took their money.”

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“Ain’t True and Uncle False” might not be the fringiest show at this year’s Cincinnati Fringe Festival, but it might be the most entertaining.

An hour spent with master storyteller Paul Strickland is an hour well spent and one which you shouldn’t miss.

Strickland is the Garrison Keillor of the trailer park.

Throughout his one-man show he introduces us to the quirky inhabitants of the town of Big Fib, where everyone lives in a trailer at Big Fib cul-de-sac and everybody works at the pea factory punching green peas to turn them into black-eyed peas.

There’s Rue Merhazit, the woman who keeps taxidermied goldfish mounted to her wall; Will Purger, the one-handed boy who put his left hand down one day and simply lost it; and Fay and Bree Cation, the 30-year old Siamese twins who were born a year apart.

Did I mention that these folks are quirky?

Strickland’s stories are all very humorous, and as told in his congenial, soothing Southern cadences they are a joy to listen to.

Don’t define Strickland as a comedian who occasionally sings and plays the guitar.

His true calling is storyteller and story writer, spinning his tales and adding an almost mythic quality to his outlandishly fabricated but somehow truthful, forgotten corner of the universe.

With beautifully poetic and clever turns of phrases he shows his understanding and love for all the oddballs of Big Fib and brings out the humanity in each of them.

“Ain’t True” is touching, funny and a great time. That’s the truth and I ain’t lying.

- Joseph McDonough, Cincinnati Enquirer Contributor

This show is either amazingly charming or charmingly amazing. Probably both.

Paul Strickland introduces his new “Ain’t True and Uncle False” at Orlando Fringe. The work revolves around a fictional trailer park as told through stories and songs, as Strickland wishes he could have told his late grandfather.

The Big Fib cul-de-sac is stocked with characters whose lives have depended on the local pea-punching plant. It’s the kind of place where a lady has stuffed her goldfish and mounted them on the wall, where a woman is struck by lightning while talking to her dog and now can only speak in dog talk (Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?!), and where “Siamese twins,” born 18 months apart, are joined at the hands.

These personalities, along with Strickland’s delivery, make for a setting somewhere in the fictional region between Lake Woebegon and Mayberry. The storytelling continues in song, in a Lyle Lovett sort of way.

It’s the kind of place and play his grandpa would probably like to hear about. You and yours would too.

By Dewayne Bevil, Orlando Sentinel Entertainment Columnist

Behind the Curtain Cincinnati:

Aint True and Uncle False- By: Rob Bucher


Aint True and Uncle False- By: Bart Bishop



Coming soon!




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  1. We're looking very much forward to performing alongside AINT TRUE AND UNCLE FALSE at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival! Our previous production (NOTHING by Nic Balthazar) involved a lot of wordplay and humorous punning as your show description alludes. Can't wait to see the performance! Best wishes! 

    Unity Productions 

    Facebook Page: 

    Fringe Page:

  2. Had the pleasure of seeing it in Orlando. Definitely don't miss it!

  3. Christine Wands

    If Carl Sandburg's Rutabaga Stories had been written by Terry Pratchett, this show would be the result. Loved it!

  4. Randy Waterhous


    1*- Sorry I saw it

    2*- Glad I saw it

    3*- I recommend it

    4*- I would see it again

    And a second rating to cover degrees of weirdness ( a Fringe Festival standard )

    Fringy, Fringier, Fringiest

    Ain't True and Uncle False Randy 3* Suzana 3* Klara 2.5* Fringy

    Here is great story telling. We are brought into an imagined America, a cul de sac trailer park in a tiny town, peopled by good hearted and wise characters that are impossible and familiar. The stories stand alone, yet are endlessly linked to all the other stories. There is humor and wisdom and great entertainment start to finish.

  5. I loved it because it was different. Paul is a gem of an entertainer. Sincere. Talented. Engaging. Funny. Poignant. He's here for the art and to tell a unique story. Go see this show!

  6. Great performance. I cold go on about it, but the short version is that if you see only one show at the Fringe, make it this one.

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