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A.J. Raffles: Amateur Cracksmanfrom Distance Over Time Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Venue Elementz
Running Time  70 minutes
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Tags Comedy,Theatre,
LGBT Themes,
Men's Themes,
Victorian Themes





Thursday, May 30 @ 7:00pm
Saturday, June 1 @ 7:00pm
Sunday, June 2 @ 7:00pm


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A thrillingly serious comedy of Gentlemen Thieves in the night!

The dashing A.J. Raffles offers woebegone school chum, Bunny, a solution to his financial troubles: a life of gentlemanly crime! This lavish production fills the streets of Victorian London with a cavalcade of characters performed by a supporting cast of hundreds one! There will be derring-do! There will be false mustaches! There will be almost no scenery! There will be a tragic love story! There may be nudity! After all, that's what being an amateur cracksman is all about. Featuring: Justin McCombs as Bunny, Mark Maccora as A. J. Raffles, and Miranda McGee as All Of London. Based upon the short stories of E.W. Hornung.

This is not the first stage adaptation of the Raffles stories: the first was on Broadway in 1903. But this is probably the only adaptation that commits to telling the story with three actors in a poignant and ridiculous fashion whilst honoring the source material.


Distance Over Time Theatre is dedicated to doing new work in interesting spaces. All of those new works happen to have been written by Andrew Hungerford. That's a crazy coincidence, right?

Past Fringe Festivals:

(2005) Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Between the Water and the Air 
(2006) Cincy Fringe, Between the Water and the Air
(2008) Cincy Fringe, Anna the Slut and the (almost) Chosen One
(2008) Edinburgh Fringe, Anna the Slut and the (almost) Chosen One
(2010) Cincy Fringe, Of People and Not Things
(2010) Edinburgh Fringe, Of People and Not Things
(2011) Hollywood Fringe, Of People and Not Things


A.J. Raffles: Amateur Cracksman (Review)- By Rick Pender

Fringe Review: "A. J. Raffles"- By: Jackie Demaline



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