Missing Part of CincyFringe Bites

What to see….what to see….what to see?

You can see it all this year, but I can't. The tears were flowing when I made my flight reservation a couple of months ago.

I am flying to Southern California on Saturday and missing a big chunk of Fringe

Me, the guy who developed the see-it-all Fringe schedule can't even come close to seeing all of the shows this year. I think I can see 16 shows. Pretty good, better than most, but not all of them. Honestly, no one can see all of the performances this year, there are just too many with FringeNext and the many special shows. That's a good thing. Not being able to see a Fringe Show from Saturday until Tuesday really stinks. Four days without Fringe. Sure, I'll be a couple of blocks from the Pacific Ocean on those four days. Sure, I'll be visiting with family on those four days. I will have fun, pretend to be a Californian for a while, but my mind will be back in OTR.  I am going to cry again.  Oh, pity party time…

With the out of town Fringe fan in mind, I think I am going to start a fund to create a live web video feed of the Bar Series. What would be more entertaining than watching the Fringe News with The Chris Wesselman in his Ron Burgundy style jacket. I'm hoping he can figure a way to stage a faux-rumble between a select few fringe show casts.  Why not make Fringe Olympics (which really should be video taped at least) into more of a Roman Gladiator competition?

Ben-Hur style chariot races with Segways?  Who wouldn't want to see that?

I'm missing out on a repeat performance of my "award winning" efforts in the 2010 22.5 Play Project in this year's 22.5 Play Project.  I was experienced at it.  I had "lots" to offer.  My masterful acting skills would provide 15 or 20 seconds of good art on the Underground's stage.  How will I be replaced? There are only so many large blocks of wood that could take my place.

Okay, seriously, there are two great events taking place next week.  Monday's Fringe Olympics and the 22.5 Play Project are really fun.  The mostly friendly competition of both events are a must for anyone who either thinks they are hardcore fringer or wants to be one.

I will be following via social media those days, so I hope lots of photo are making the their way to Facebook and Twitter.  There are never enough pictures of people chugging beer.  NEVER!

Now, I get to still see nearly seven full days of Fringe, so I really can't complain much.  I am just wallowing a bit, maybe mostly for effect, but I'll get over it and will barely be off the plane when I head to another show.

If you are in Cincinnati this weekend, please help fill the void I leave.  The bartenders at the Know will be bored and lose out on tips every night I miss.  People need to eat!

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