Last of the shows in Edinburgh

Listen! The River
A fellow Antioch alumni playwright named Robin Rice Lichtig wrote, produced, and brought this show to Edinburgh so I made a point to go and see it. The story is told by one actor and mostly focuses on the viewpoint of a cat who is taken to a new place because his owner is ill. The actor plays other characters in the story and their separate story lines are all woven around and then come together in the end. It's beautifully done, well written, and well acted. It made me miss my little one who is currently visiting a new home too! Bravo!

Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience


If you are a fan of British comedy, then you probably are familiar with Fawlty Towers. This show is exactly what you would expect. Basil and his cohorts are at it again, this time at B'est Restaurant in Edinburgh. This group tours around the world doing their dining entertainment. I was laughing so hard it was hard to eat. So much fun. Basil only gave our table one little dish of butter. Then we asked for more, and we received the entire tray of butter slammed down. Then Manuel walked over and stole the entire tray and mumbled about a recession. This is pretty much how the dinner went. My mother got scolded for having her fork in the wrong hand. At one point, a fire extinguisher was being shot into the restaurant and then it ended up on our table.


Re-Animator: The Musical
This new musical featured well known actor George Wendt, most famously known for his role as Norm on Cheers. The musical follows the creation of a 're-animating' substance that brings the dead back to life, mostly as zombies. It was campy, fun, gory, and hilarious. The first four rows of the audience was a splash zone and attendees were given rain ponchos and pom poms for the performance. It wasn't just splashed they received however, the actors made sure to also dump, spray, hose, and chuck things at them. So fun to watch them squirm! Overall, I think the production needs more work, and I really didn't care for the music at all. That's saying a lot from me.

Tenderpits is one of those shows that is very hard to describe, you just kinda had to be there. To sum it up quickly, it's a solo show about a gay wizard from Tenderpits, Canada, currently living in New York who poops glitter. Yep. I loved it! But not all of my companions did. It's just one of those shows. It was very Fringy!

Barbershopera: The Three Musketeers
The title pretty much says it all. I saw this talented team two years ago and loved their show. This year they are back with the story of a woman who pretends to be a man so she can become the fourth musketeer! They are good at humor and the music (composed by one of the team), is always outstanding. Expect to hear about them soon. They recently were on NPR and will have a radio adapted show broadcasted by BBC Radio 4 on Christmas eve this year!


  1. Faulty Towers:The Dining Experience!!! as if I wasn’t already jealous enough!! 😀

  2. Cathy Springfield

    I feel as though I’ve had a little taste of the festival – love your digests of the shows! Excited to see what’s in store for our festival next summer–Thanks Alex!

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