It’s a small world after all!

The city of Edinburgh is so packed with people during the Edinburgh festivals. It's hard to walk on the sidewalks without getting pushed into the streets during the festival. Combine that with the fact that I am halfway across the world and you'd think I probably wouldn't run into someone I know. Wrong. I ran into TWO people randomly that I know. It really is a small world.

Those of you who are OTRimprov fans may know Allison Rampa from the group. I knew Allison was taking a tour throughout various cities in the UK an would be in Edinburgh for a portion of one day. We hadn't planned to get together. Lo and behold, we are walking down one of the main streets towards the Royal Mile and she and he husband walked out of a store front onto the sidewalk just in front of us!

We took a picture. Yay!


And right in front of the famous Pie Maker shop. Yum.

A few days later, we're headed to see the show Re-Animator: The Musical at Assembly George Square when we get handed a flyers from a group of artists promoting their burlesque show. I look to my right and standing next to me is Tony from Show-Me Burlesque! Know Theatre has brought them (via St. Louis and other cities) to Cincinnati for the past couple of years to perform.

We also took a picture. Hooray!


Well shucks. That was fun.

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