How to Fringe, from an expert!

The 2015 Cincinnai Fringe Festival is in full swing!

With five more days to go, there's still plenty of Fringe to enjoy. But if you're new to the Fringe, we have some sage advice coming your way from Mr. Fringe himself, joe mock. 

Mr. Fringe himself, zipping between shows in Red Bike style!

Mr. Fringe himself, zipping between shows in Red Bike style!

Joe is a Full Frontal All Access Passholder who clears his calendar to soak up all the Fringe-y joy he can each year, and he has some wise words on how to get the most out of your time at the Cincy Fringe:


Hey everyone! Here are a few Cincinnati Fringe Festival Tips I have FINALLY come to learn:

1) ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS sit in the FRONT row! These are not standard theatres, and so much action often takes place on the floor, if you're not in the front row, you'll miss a LOT of what is going on! (Not as important for shows in the regular Know main house, but why risk it? Go Full Frontal at the Front!)


2) Dress for the desert! Many of the venues must turn the AC systems off at showtime due to the noise. You WILL sweat watching these shows!


3) Always make an attempt to return to Know Theatre of Cincinnati at the end of the evening. At 20 minutes after the last show has ended, they present a recap of the evening (with much humor) and you can enjoy reasonably priced drinks to cool off after those non Air Conditioned Sweat Houses! NOTE: You'll also get in on the "Buzz" of what shows are hot, so to be sure not to miss the chance to see a real winner!


4) Always seek out the actors you just saw that day and talk to them about their show! This is the Number One reason I love Fringe: You'll delve into the Arts like never before and enhance the entire theatrical experience! And hey, why not buy the actors you just enjoyed watching one of those nice cool drinks? They sweated more than you did, cause they were under those hot lights. And they're really not doing this for the high financial return, if you understand what I'm saying! Help 'em out and treat them to a cocktail….they earned it! And you'll probably make a wonderful new friend.

OK, now you have your marching orders! Get out there and see a Fringe Show! You have until next Saturday evening! Don't wait, cancel your plans and do something weird! Like me!!!

No one does Fringe better than joe mock, and we think his advice is spot-on. Thank you, joe!

The Festival concludes Saturday June 6th, but we still have 80 more performances to go–you still have pleny of chances to take a chance at the Fringe!

Tickets are still available here:, available online thanks to the support of joe mock and Cutler Homes! (You can also call our box office at 513-300-5669 for tickets or more information).

Happy Fringe-ing!

Tamara Winters

Associate Artistic Director of Know Theatre of Cincinnati

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