Volunteer at the Fringe Festival!




Interested in volunteering for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival? Hooray!

Each year, the Festival relies on hundreds of volunteers to make everything work smoothly. Earn show passes for each shift you work and you get a free t-shirt! It's the best way to meet people and experience the fringiest sides of the festival. See below for more information and to sign-up today!

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In order to volunteer, please see the shifts available below and click 'sign-up' next to the desired shift.

Fill out the form with your contact information and ONLY SIGN UP ONE PERSON AT A TIME. Please refresh the page before signing up for another shift. 

Will will receive a confirmation email after signing up.

At the beginning of your scheduled shift, please report to Volunteer Headquarters (see tab Volunteer Headquarters) to check in before being sent to your designated location.

Have questions? Please contact Brian, Volunteer Manager. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.



When you sign-up to volunteer we recommend that you sign up for at least two shifts. You will earn one 2-show pass after your first two shifts and one two show pass for each subsequent shift.

Volunteer passes can only be picked up at volunteer headquarters.

Volunteers also each get a snazzy Fringe volunteer t-shirt and our unending gratitude!

We've heard from many volunteers that due to popularity of shows and intense desire to volunteer a whole lot, some are having trouble getting into shows or using all of their passes. Starting this year all Cincinnati Fringe Festival volunteer passes are valid for Know Theatre's mainstage season and presented events. Hooray!



Lucy Blue Pizza
1126 MAIN STREET (Click to Map)
"One of the best Pizza Slices in Cincinnati"

Our Volunteer manager and coordinators will be present during festival hours at volunteer headquarters to answer any questions, do signups, check ins, distribute volunteer passes and T-Shirts.




Volunteer coordinators are the volunteer leaders. Coordinators staff the headquarters, check-in, and lead the volunteers each day of the festival. In order to be a coordinator, you must have volunteered for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival in the past and understand how the festival operates. This is an interviewable position. 


Several of our larger venues require some additional coordination. The house manager's duties are specific to the individual venue. In order to be a house manager, you must have volunteered for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival in the past and understand how the festival operates. This is an interviewable position. 


Ushers play many, many roles for the Fringe: You're the host of the show, the ticket taker, the program distributor, well basically, the face of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Usher shifts are not available online for sign-ups until the full festival schedule is announced mid-May.

Primary responsibilities:
Report to HQ to check in then to the Box Office Manger at assigned venue
Standard Usher duties (i.e. tear tickets & hand out programs)
Check the lobby table where Fringe programs are kept and artists' publicity materials are available. If it's disorganized, organize it — please! Make sure there is no garbage on the table.
Check the bathrooms to make sure the lights are on, the place is clean and there's toilet paper, soap, paper towels. If you need supplies please ask the Box Office Manager.
Go through the seating area if there is not a show in progress. Pick up any trash or old programs lying about. Make sure there aren't any extra chairs in the aisles.
Identify any special seating areas for people who are in wheelchairs.
Prepare programs for the show if they are available. Programs are provided by the individual artists for each show and may not be available for all performances.
If you have extra time before the house opens, check with the Box Office Manager to see if there is anything else you may be able to do.


You're really floaters we just like saying hot spare. Arrive at shift start time is listed on the volunteer schedule.

Primary responsibilities:
Report to the Volunteer Coordinator at HQ at Lucy Blue Pizza.
Hot spares are back-ups for other volunteer shifts in case of no-shows or other pop-up needs. 
Assist the volunteer coordinators.
Tasks will be various from assistance with stage work, ushering, running errands, and filling in.
This is a jack-of-all-trades position.

Venue Prep/Clean-Up

Know Theatre of Cincinnati is the festival headquarters and location of the Christian Moerlein Fringe Bar Series each night, so it could use a little elbow grease each day to keep things nice and pretty. 

Primary responsibilities:
Assist with general cleaning duties at Know Theatre.


Couriers assist with ferrying people and items between the venues and headquarters quickly and efficiently. Couriers also ensure that box offices, concessions, goods, t-shirts, and people are escorted to and from each venue. Couriers need to have a car available for their shift.

Primary responsibilities:
Report to Headquarters, HQ at Lucy Blue Pizza and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator.
Run supplies and people to venues.
At the conclusion of each evening, each courier will receive a free drink ticket for the bar at Know Theatre's Festival Headquarters. (AFTER they are finished driving for the night of course!)


Volunteers at the Fringe Info Desk will be stationed at Know Theatre of Cincinnati for their shift and available to help direct Fringe patrons and answer their questions. Please only sign up for this shift if you have participated in the Cincinnati Fringe Festival in the past so you are able to answer questions and guide patrons in the right direction.

Primary responsibilities:
Report to Volunteer Headquarters at Lucy Blue Pizza and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator.
Info Desk is located at Know Theatre of Cincinnati.
Equipped with the official 2013 Cincinnati Fringe Festival Guide, you will answer questions about performances, venues, festival operations, and more!
Assist the headquarters box office as needed.
Ask patrons waiting in line at the box office if they have questions to help speed up the line and help the patrons who are not waiting to purchase tickets, but just have questions.
Often patrons will arrive at Know Theatre not knowing that performances occur at multiple venues. Please send them to the correct location for their show.



Why do I have to check in before every shift? Why can't I just go straight to my venue?

If you don't visit volunteer headquarters to check-in with the coordinators, we have no way of knowing if you have arrived for your shift, and therefore unable to earn passes.



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Ok sounds good. Sign me up! 


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