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The name of your show!

Who the show is produced by!

Where the show is from! (If within a 45-mile radius of Cincinnati, please list "Cincinnati, Ohio.")

While we don't require schools to serve as the "producers" for FringeNext shows, we're always curious where the students applying come from. Just let us know what institutions you and your cast/crew members attend.

Who we'll do all our communicating with.

How we'll do most of our communicating.

Only if we need to get in touch with you RIGHT NOW.

The individual of 21 years of age or older who'll keep an eye on things.

PAs will be copied on all correspondence we send to you.

We rarely have to call PAs, but just in case.

Check all that apply.


Select the category that best applies to your show.

Select up to THREE options that best describe your show.

Between 45 and 60 minutes. PLEASE DO NOT give a range of time.

How many people will be directly involved with your production during Fringe?

Productions prior to Fringe won't affect our selections, we're just curious.


While we hope you stay within the spirit of Fringe by keeping your overall technical needs simple, we understand that some shows might have special requests outside of the basic technical provisions outlined in the Handbook. Please use this section to detail the technical needs of your show as best as you can -- but keep in mind that we may be unable to fulfill all your requests, so flexibility is a must.

Stage Dimensions vary at Cincy Fringe and generally fall between 13'x10' and 30'x20', with a majority of venues airing on the smaller side.
Please feel free to detail your ideal or necessary stage dimensions and/or expand upon your general Performance Space Needs in the box below.

What sort of lighting cues do you have in your show? Any practical lights you need offstage power for? Anything else regarding lighting we should know?

What sort of sound cues do you have in your show? Do you need any live amplification for instruments or vocals? Will you be bringing any of your own equipment?

Does your show contain video/projection elements? If so, please be as detailed as possible regarding use and content. Will the festival need to provide you with equipment?

Does your production need a specific type of flooring to dance upon? NOTE:Cincy Fringe is unlikely to be able to guarantee the availability of Marley or other special dance floor.

Anything else you want to tell us about your tech?


As a juried festival, we need a number of work samples which the jury will use to evaluate your application. While some samples are Required and some are Optional, remember that the more you provide us with, the more informed the jury's decision can be!

Required Samples
You MUST submit the following samples based on the type of show you are presenting.

FOR SCRIPTED PRODUCTIONS (including Musicals):

All scripted productions must submit 10 pages of sample writing from the show. Your sample may be a collection of any 10 pages from your script and you can also include an outline of the show that won’t count towards the total.

PLEASE NOTE: While you’ll have a chance to submit a full script, if you so desire (see below), please make sure this sample is a completely separate document that contains only the 10 pages the juror should read (and an outline, if desired).


Maximum size 10MB.
If you are having issues uploading your sample, please email it to CINCYFRINGE@KNOWTHEATRE.COM.


Along with 10 pages of sample writing, musicals must also submit links to at least 3 songs from your production via SoundCloud, YouTube, or another streaming website.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not submit songs via email or any website requiring the file to be downloaded. Songs must be streamed from online and not require any sort of password to access.

All links submitted MUST be from reliable hosts (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc) and should not be password protected.


All unscripted productions must provide 10 total minutes of video from the production via YouTube, Vimeo, or another video streaming website.

PLEASE NOTE: Jurors are only required to view 10 TOTAL minutes of footage so please indicate what portions of the video you would like watched.

All links submitted MUST be from reliable hosts (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc) and should not be password protected.


Sometimes part of a production’s process is developing the script/show much closer to the start of the Festival than the Application Deadline. Works that don’t currently have a script - but eventually will - are not prohibited from applying, though we strongly encourage productions to submit some sort of script sample rather than none at all.

Optional Samples
You MAY submit the following samples, if available.
PLEASE NOTE: All video and music links submitted below MUST be from reliable hosts (YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc) and should not be password protected.


Maximum size 10MB.
PLEASE NOTE: Jurors will NOT be required to read full scripts, so please make sure you've uploaded your appropriate 10-page sample above.

No more than 10 minutes of footage will be viewed, so please indicate what portions of the video you would like watched.

You can submit up to THREE full reviews of a previous productions from the same artist/group via links above or uploaded files below.


Maximum size 10MB


As detailed in the Handbook, you get 1,000 words (or 4,000 if you aren't submitting a Script Sample and checked the box above) to tell us about you, your show, your work as an artist, and anything else you believe to be relevant in pitching us your production. You can submit your Proposal as text in the box below (preferred) or as a file upload via the button below that.

PLEASE NOTE: Proposals shouldn’t be just a brief synopsis of your piece. We really want to know about you, your show, and why you want to come do it here.


Maximum size 10MB


While we'll collect more specific schedule information from you should be you accepted, for now we need to know how long you intend on being available so we can accurately estimate the number of performances/productions we'll be accepting. While there may be some wriggle room down the road, this selection should represent your honest expected availability for the Festival (and indicate how many performances you would receive).


We pride our festival on being artist-centric, focusing on not only giving you a good time while you’re in town but also helping to create positive learning environments. We'd like to take this portion of our application to mine your minds for suggestions and proposals for Bar Series events and Artist Workshops.

Bar Series
Every night after all the shows have ended, we keep on Fringing at Know Theatre, the Festival headquarters, with our Fringe Bar Series. While certain events, like 60-Second Previews, Fringe Olympics, and the Closing Night Awards Ceremony are mainstays, we’re always on the lookout for ideas and suggestions for event suggestions to round out our programming. We’ve done nights dedicated to cult musicians (An Evening of Tom Waits) and dropped the bar prices for audience members (Everyone’s an Artist!), so nothing’s too obscure or insane for us to consider. Surprise us!

Master Classes (née Artist Workshops)
The name has changed but it's still the same idea. We schedule several Artist-led classes during the Festival as a means for Fringers (and the General Public) to work, grow, and play together. If you have a specific area of expertise or a certain set of skills you’d like to pass along, feel free to drop it on us. In the past we’ve hosted everything from yoga and plate spinning to social media branding and an open forum on Fringe touring. Specific details will be gathered at a future date, so just give us a general idea of what you’d like to do and we’ll go from there.


Since you're a young artist with even less money than your adult counterparts, we're not gonna make you pay to submit your application like everyone else. You're welcome! 😀


Whelp, that’s it! We look forward to reading your application and hope you get to spend 13 glorious days of Fringe with us!

If you have questions about the festival or your application, please e-mail Producer Chris Wesselman at You can also call the theatre at 513-300-5669(KNOW).

Happy Fringing!

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