Fringe Festivals & Social Media

My apologies in advance, I have finally acquired some (almost) reliable wireless and will be catching you up on my travels in bulk.

I attended one of three break-out sessions during the conference that was focused on social media and Fringe Festivals. It wasn't the most useful of sessions, as we pretty much use all of the tools available to us, but I did find a few interesting things I'd like to share.

– The Minnesota Fringe Festival reduced the amount of printed guides they distribute from 34,000 to 5,000 due to their patron's use of their website, mobile site, and social media. Nice!
– Their website has many users very active in posting audience reviews of performances. Once they left a show up on the website that had been cancelled and it became the 7th most reviewed show on their website.
– The Hollywood Fringe Festival (HFF) created their social media presence two years before the festival even began.
– The HFF has a staff person dedicated to social media.
– The HFF also holds town hall meetings for all members of the Fringe community leading up the festival and they live tweet these events.

There was some general chat about FourSquare, Pinterest, and Instagram being used for general promotions as well.

Would you use Pinterest for Fringe information? Categorized shows or recommendations for places to eat? We already have a Pinterest account, but it's just the basics at this point.

Would you take pictures on Instagram to post about the Cincinnati Fringe Festival?

My favorite conference quote came from this session: "Linked-In is for unemployed people." Ha!

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  1. I don’t use Pinterest or instagram but others might.

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