Cappies Review: Thou Shall Rot in Hell

Many often reflect on their life, on what they have done wrong, who hates them and why. But few do so while residing in hell like Guy. Follow his hysterical reflection in FringeNext's "Thou Shall Rot in Hell."

This solo act was written and performed by Zak Kelley, a recent Cappie award-winner as well as the winner of last year's "Pick of FringeNEXT" for "Blown Up." The script itself is intensely comedic, yet quite cynical. By using a series of confessions, Guy is able to cover topics ranging from homosexuality to being on outs with the church, coming to terms with his past in hopes that God will "review his file" and let him move to heaven. Fair warning, there is plenty of adult language throughout the program (but he's in hell, so who really cares.)

On the acting side of things, Kelley is as equally brilliant. He was captivating and engaging for the full run of the production. Between his humorous impersonations of various family members to his sassy anecdotes, Kelley left the audience dying of laughter (irony completely intended.)

While the set was practically nonexistent, use of technology was effectively used during the production. A mysterious voice boomed over the intercom quite a few times, taunting Guy during his stay in hell. This anonymous voice was always on cue and clear, as was Kelley's voice. A multimedia video backdrop was utilized as a welcome sign to heaven, as well as a video introducing us to Kelley prior to the show. Finally, the show's lighting, while simple, created spaces between each confession to help streamline the production.

"Thou Shall Rot in Hell" is one of three shows in the FringeNext series, a series created to showcase high school talent. The final performance will be Saturday, June 1st at 5pm in the black box theater at SCPA.

By: Olivia Krauth

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