Cappies Review: Storms Beneath Her Skin

An emotional experience for anyone… Rebecca Kling tells of her true life transformation from male to female in her one woman show, “Storms Beneath Her Skin”.

Bluntly telling her emotional roller coaster and struggle through an intense surgery and behavioral changes, Kling explains her frustrations and emotional battle. She uses facts, statistics, and her own experiences to help her get across the “big picture” to her audience. In writing and performing this show she was not seeking sympathy, but instead seeking awareness of how stereotypes upset her and many other trans genders all across the world. She explained her reasoning for getting the surgery and made many people in the audience realize how ridiculous they sound when criticizing transvestites. She questioned the audience many times even going on a whole rant of questions ending with a powerful overall message. Why should anyone not allow her to be herself?

This intense, emotional experience stayed with the audience even hours after leaving the theater and her goal to stop stereotypes is well on its way to being achieved. Rebecca Kling through everything she had into her performance and her dedication to finding new answers to questions even led into an after show of questions interactive with the audience. Her willingness to comply with audience members and ask for feedback made her whole story even more intriguing.

It was truly a delightful, sometimes humorous, but overall moving performance. Come see as Kling bluntly states what should already be obvious one last time in Cincinnati on Saturday at 3:45pm.

Review by Alyssa Batsakis

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