Cappies Review: Storms Beneath Her Skin

Storms Beneath Her Skin is a one woman show by Rebecca Kling, a transgender artist trying to show others her perspective on the subject of sexuality. She begins the show describing the surgery necessary to complete her gender switch from male to female, and continues to tell about this process and her struggles. She gives the very personal story of how she came to the decision to complete her transition from male to female with the surgery. She smoothly transitions from serious medical discussions, to jokes about going through puberty in her early twenties. Each season is used to poetically describe the transformations of her body, which she spaces out through the show. Even graphs and charts are used to describe difficult to understand topics to prove her points. But by far, the most powerful point of the show is certainly when she apologizes for all the misconceptions, stereotypes of transgender people, and her own personal beliefs, completely showing her perspective. This show was fantastically interesting, and Ms. Kling does a fantastic job at describing her journey and beliefs.
Review by Austin Wanek

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