Cappies Review: Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality

The lights come on to reveal a creative child named Rodney Rumple playing with a stick. The audience is taken on a hilarious expedition as a young boy ventures looking to feed his family and his cat.

What lengths would you go through just for some cat food or even one single coin? “Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality” was about one boy’s adventure after the census takes away his family’s last coin. The audience is opened up to his imagination as his dreams, fears, and quite ironic realities are revealed.

Performance Gallery’s spot on humor was written in the script, never failing to cause an outburst of laughing. The performers, technical aspects and even subtle audience interactions made for an enjoyable performance.

Under the brilliant direction of Regina Pugh, the small cast triumphed through this hilarious tale. Some outstanding performances were given by Derek Snow and Dylan Shelton. Snow took on the task of playing the “Bully”. His tough appearance matched with his apparent ability to smoothly keep composure while delivering funny lines made his comedic timing a standout of the show. Similarly, Shelton mastered multiple accents and took on the challenge of playing multiple roles making his “random” performance a strong highlight of the show.

Overall Performance Gallery’s performance of “Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality” was very exciting and outwardly funny.

Review by Alyssa Batsakis

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