Cappies Review: Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality

A very devoted bully, a hungry cat, an ancient woman, an awkward boy, and a very strange duo in the woods. What do all of these have in common? Well obviously the fact that they came together to perform the hilarious show, Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality. The show follows a young boy, named Rodney Rumple (played by Peter York), and his journey through the woods with his cat. They are trying to reach the “free cat food giveaway” that they were told about from a random homeless man. Unfortunately the path isn’t as simple as described, as Rodney and Kitten must make their way through the woods as best as they can, despite multiple roadblocks. The best part about this show is certainly the cartoonish humor. From things like the bully continually breaking Rodney’s stick, to the repetitive, faster and faster breakfast scene, the cast does a great job at bringing the cartoon-style humor to the stage through their animated facial expressions, mannerisms, and expressive sounds. For example, Derek Snow’s character the Bully is a man of only a few words (almost all of them profanity) yet he portrays emotions and gets tons of laughs from the audience from his bully posture and swagger. Definitely a must see for anyone in the mood for a creative, cartoonish comedy.
Review by Austin Wanek

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