Cappies Review: Project Activate

“Project Activate” presented by Pones Inc. invites people of all ages to act as a community and break down barriers between different backgrounds of people.

Filled with audience interaction and unconventional theater techniques, “Project Activate” challenges people to understand and accept the meaning of community. Each audience member is taken on a four stage process where they watch alternative dancing, take group pictures, go on a virtual day through headphones, and watch as little kids play around. Seeing all these different stations brings the audience to a better understanding of their own community and what it means to accept each member of it.

The clever concepts portrayed under the direction of Kim Popa and Lindsey Jones truly were made clear to the audience. Relaxing and friendly performances were given by Jai All Day, Joel Armor, Kenton Brett, Ian Forsgren, Jillian Hacker, robin Alicia-Clare Hoskins, Montez Jenkins, Lindsey Jones, Annie Kalahurka, Harper Lee, Kim Popa, and Kate Stark.

“Project Activate” has one last performance in Cincinnati on Saturday at7:00pm. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to feel closer than ever to your community!

Review by Alyssa Batsakis

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