Cappies Review: Persephone’s Prerogative

Reality television. Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure. But what happens when you twist the perspective to show the thoughts and motives behind the ratings? FringeNext's Persephone's Prerogative delves into this often unthought about perspective. 

The production revolves around a failing reality television show on the brink of bankruptcy. In attempts to stabilize the program and rebuild the ratings, the host of the show decides to feature two seemingly normal actresses, who are expected to battle it out for an audition. Reality begins to twist and turn as the actresses begin to discuss the meaning of art and as the host of the show wonders if the show is truly worth anything.

The show split the black box theater into two sides; one for each perspective of the play. One part of the production focuses on the host and her cameraman as they film the show.  One is able to see the slow descent of the host's image of the show, as well as a climatic breakdown that results in screaming at her father, who just happens to be the studio executive she works for. The cameraman added a sense of logic and a bit of common sense, which was refreshing in a show focused on a topic where logic and common sense are rarely viewable.

Ann and Meryl, the two actresses exploited by the reality show, occupied the second side of the stage. Ann is quiet and simple, while Meryl is spunky and sassy. The pair's banter warranted several chuckles from the crowd, but their own laughter seemed forced at times. Each stayed in character at all times, nonetheless.

Persephone's Prerogative is one of three shows in the FringeNext series this year, a series which features high school talent from the area. The final performance will be Saturday, June 1st at 8pm. Whether you want to see it or not is, of course, your prerogative.

By: Olivia Krauth

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