Cappies Review: Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical Cincinnati Anthropological Inquisitorial Probe


Journey into the wide expansive corners of your cultivated mind with Cecily and Gwendolyn, two self proclaimed Time Traveling Victorian Social Anthropologists on a mission. In this journey, you will find your thoughts and opinions compiled into a data report as the quirky duo attempts to probe into the minds of their “test subjects” in their quest to form a complete understanding of human culture of today and beyond. The forth wall is nowhere to be found in this completely improvised show that builds on audience responses and insights and of course, a heavy dose of humor.

Step into the “probe” where Cecily and Gwendolyn eagerly await to begin the study. You may receive special instructions or a certain task, such as functioning as the historian for the evening or drawing pictures based on the “subconscious.” The show starts, the lights rise, and there’s no telling where the show will go from there. One question leads to another, until the whole room is on the brink of a new discovery about their own lives and culture.

As foreign time travelers, Cecily and Gwendolyn learn all about the culture of the modern world through the audience in front of them. In one performance, the word “Skyline” prompted an entire discussion about what the chili is, why so many people like it, and the implications of the phrase “3-way.” You are free to share your opinion without being judged as Cecily and Gwendolyn process what exactly you mean.  Audiences members leave looking around at the people sitting close by with a new understanding of the way our thoughts work. Some of the best moments in the performance were watching the two “foreigners” who claim to know nothing about our world debating about the nature of the people sitting right in front of them. What exactly defines a Cincinnatian? Cecily and Gwendolyn will find out.

Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical Cincinnati Anthropological Inquisitorial Probe will run for four more performances: Saturday June 2nd at 7:00, Sunday June 3rd at 8:00, Wednesday June 6th at 9:00, and Friday June 8th at 8:45.

Review by Matthew Ruehlman

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