Cappies Review: Bombus and Berrylinne

Cartoon style humor was presented in Four Humors Theater production of “Bombus and Berylline”. This cute show centered around a bumble bee named Bombus and his forever friend a hummingbird named Berylline.

“Bombus and Berylline” is about the friendship of a bumble bee and hummingbird, and how it developed under the oddest of circumstances. Bumbus is a bumble bee that can’t fly and comes to meet Berylline when oddly enough, she finds him trying to grab a flower with a rope. Later on she sees that Bombus is hungry and offers him part of her flower. The friendship begins as Berylline tells Bombus she wants to be the first hummingbird to fly the Midnight Flight successfully. Too embarrassed to tell his new friend the truth, Bombus lies telling Berylline he is an expert flier and will help her train. In the end of the story Berylline finds out that Bombus really can’t fly and decides to give up on her dream because she doesn’t want to leave her best friend behind.

The show was anchored by incredible comedic timing with every actor and musician involved. The three performers in the show were all very funny including Jason Ballweber, Rachel Petrie, and Ryan Lear. Although Lear only played the side musician, his presence was well known on the stage and he fit right in creating humor all his own through music. To compliment his playing, Ballweber as Bombus and Petrie as Berylline made the perfect duo. Their quirky relationship centered around Bombus providing training and Berylline providing food.

This was a hilarious show for all ages and definitely a great show to take the kids too. They have one last performance Saturday at 2:00pm. Don’t miss out on the humor and fun for the whole family!

Review by Alyssa Batsakis

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