Cappies Review: Bombus and Berrylinne

The lights lower, the one man band takes his seat, and this comedy begins as a flying ace appareled Bombus steps onto the stage. Bombus and Berrylinne portrays the shy, helpful, and caring nature of making new friendships. Bombus the bumblebee, played by Jason Ballweber, is ever hopeful in believing that one day he will be able to fly, but that day has not come yet. He watches as the athletic Berrylinne the Hummingbird, played by Rachel Petrie, easily retrieves flowers for her breakfast. Not one to be discouraged, Bombus comes up with creative ways to get his grub, catching the eye of Berryline, and sparking a new friendship. Although awkward at first, their friendship blooms when Bombus trys to help Berryline become the first hummingbird to complete the midnight flight by pretending to be a flying expert. This is a great show to take your kids to since it is completely appropriate, and they will burst out in laughter right along with you. Every actor’s comedic timing, the talent of one man band Ryan Lear, the great message that shines through, and the perfect portrayal of a childhood friendship make this a heartwarming, family friendly, yet hilarious show.

Review by Austin Wanek

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