Cappies Review: Blown Up

Relationships are one of the most complicated things know to man, or well in this case Man, Woman, and Roxie, an inflatable blow up doll. When Woman catches her husband, Man, cheating with Roxie their whole relationship is put on the rocks and threatens to cause everything they’ve ever known to be “Blown Up,” an original one act script written by high school students Katie Hoffecker and Zak Kelley.
This piece was quick witted and peppered with sharp one-liners that kept audience members in a state of laughter for nearly the entire performance. As both Man and Woman suffer from mental breakdowns over their relationship status, it seems as though separate counseling is necessary to get to the roots of their problems. However, once again hilarity ensues as both individuals reflect on separate accounts of their first meeting and soon budding relationship with one another. It becomes quite clear that these two reflect separate accounts of their love for one another, that goes much deeper than their characters chose to disclose.
While the performance of the actors themselves was outstanding, the frequent blackouts and dragging media clips seemed to interrupt the amazing energy and flow these performers brought to the table. Nevertheless, Zak Kelley portraying the role of Man, along with Katie Hoffecker portraying the role of Woman, came together to create and honest account of a struggling husband and wife, that was quite pleasing to watch onstage.
“Blown Up,” is a wonderfully written and acted production by two very talented high school students. The quality of their work is unbelievable, especially during the argumentative scenes between Man and Woman. This production gave audience members a night of jovial entertainment coupled with a true to life theme of complicated relationship dynamics, and overall was a very pleasing piece.
“Blown Up,” is part of Cincinnati Fringe Festival’s FringeNext program, giving a voice to local high school students. Upcoming performances are Friday June 1 at 9:00 P.M., and Saturday June 2 at 7:30 P.M.
Review by Tyler Felts

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