Behind the Scenes: in which Patrick Cusick sponsors MY FRAKING HAIR

The following is based on a true story.


It was the year 2014 of the Common Era, year 11 of the Weird Era, on a dark and stormy night. There I stood, lounging at The Underground bar. The cocktails were flowing and frivolities were aplenty. Patrick Cusick, a down and out private detective with an affinity for candy, approached me. After the standard pleasantries, conversation quickly turned to what we both had on our minds. Fringe. The festival was rapidly approaching. Detective Cusick was always looking for a new angle to sponsor, always looking for something a little different, a little, should we say… weird.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I found myself suggesting that he should sponsor my hair. The words were out before I could stop them and silence hung in the air as his eyes lit up. And so my hair had a sponsor.

The terms were simple. Cusick picked some colors, I figured out what was possible, and Fringe got some extra scratch to throw around. Everyone is a winner

But you're not here for reading a noir detective novel, you're here to see some photos of some awesome hair! So let's get to it. Keep reading to see a rare, behind-the-scenes look into Making Awesome Hair Happen.


First, I had to create a blank canvas, upon which the Fringe Hair Goodness would be painted. I let my old color wash out, so it would lift out better. Here's what my nasty, washed out color looked like with my nasty, bleach-eaten hair:


Next, I got in touch with a hair stylist friend of mine, Courtnie Frazier. She is a Hair Goddess. Seriously. Check the bottom of this post for details on how to contact her if you want your hair to be as awesome as mine. We needed to create a blank canvas, upon which the artist could work her dye magic. A shampoo and 20 minutes of bleach later, and we have an extremely rare sight – Kristen with (literally) bleach blonde hair!


Kristen of House Ruthemeyer, First of Her Name, Queen of Absolutely Nothing, Manager of the Great Know Stage, Keeper of Contracts, and Mother of a Boxer Named Bruce

From there, it was all in Courtnie's hands. First, we did a cut.

See, here's the thing about having Awesome Hair: all of that bleaching and dyeing and bleaching and dyeing and bleaching eventually takes its toll on you. That's not to say your hair is just going to fall out one day, but you are going to have some nasty, gnarly ends. This bleach turned out to be one-too-many, so Courtnie gave me a rockin' shorter haircut, in order to get the nasty damaged bits out.

After that was done, it was finally time to start putting on the dye! Patrick and I didn't really have any clear ideas about how the colors should interact, so I pretty much just handed her the dye and said "Okay, playtime!" She busted out the dye bowls and the foil, and off we went. First, she pinned up my hair and put in the red-orange. Next, she covered the red-orange with foil, and applied the green.


After a short wait filled with a beer (for me) and a cigarette (for Courtnie), we were ready to rinse, dry, and voila!



If you'd like awesome hair like mine, please contact Courtnie Frazier at

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