A #CincyFringe Homecoming

It’s been a long, strange trip (not unlike the Fringe itself, come to think of it).

My last Cincy Fringe was also my first—in 2005, the culmination of my intern year at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati. We (the Intern Company) created our own original show that year, directed by 2014 Fringe artist Cheryl Maxine Couch, but written and performed by 10 young interns who had spent the prior year in a hands-on, learn-on-your-feet whirlwind of production, education, blood, sweat, and tears. 

That's me in the middle, seated, with trenchcoat and angst...

Our show, Rebels with a Cause, was a wild experiment; a conflagration of diverse attitudes, ideas, bodies, shapes, movements, stories, and emotions. 

It was weird, it was unpredictable, and it meant the world to me that it was a part of Fringe; that our little showcase was given the badge-of-honor to be a part of a wider festival, right at our ETC home.

Fast-forward, oh, nine or so years…

After two more seasons with Ensemble (as Development Associate), a couple more years in Athens (as part of the management of ARTS/West, a municipally-owned performance space), and five wild years in New York (including last summer’s adventure in self-producing at the New York International Fringe Festival), I find myself right back where I started—in Over-the-Rhine—and smack in the middle of the Cincy Fringe.

I couldn’t imagine a better time to return to Cincinnati.

I return for a lot of reasons—I’m not a native Ohioan, but my heart has belonged to this state since I came to Ohio University for undergrad in 2000. I was a newlywed here; my artistic voice began to take shape here. So, when Know Theatre offered me the opportunity to return to Cincinnati in a leadership role at a company I’ve admired since I was a dewy-eyed Ensemble Intern, I said, Yes. Yes, I will come be your new Associate Artistic Director.

When they said I could come and start in time for the 2014 Cincy Fringe, I said “Hell yes!”

So, come and see some shows, and if you see me, please introduce yourself! I'm delighted to meet you and welcome you to Know Theatre.

Let’s get this party started, Cincinnati.

Tamara Winters

Associate Artistic Director of Know Theatre of Cincinnati

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